Josie’s Helleborus

Since yesterday was the first day of spring in Canada I thought it fitting to post this photo I took of Josie’s Helleborus on the weekend. To tell you the truth from the top these blooms are rather quiet and peaceful. But when you get down and have a look underneath – wow!

What a face to inspire!

And speaking of faces to inspire, you have most likely figured out that if I was at Josie’s house there was also someone else at home.

Here he is again a little more awake while having a bath.

Coen was one month old on Saturday!

No his fingernails are not dirty. He has a bit of gentian violet under them and also on his lips. It is the most deep purple blue colour a person can find and stains everything. It is also one of the best treatments for yeast overgrowth in breastfeeding which most likely came about because of a shot of antibiotic given to mom just before he was born as a prevention for something else. Such a fine balancing system we humans have and it is so easy to upset. It is extremely painful for nursing moms and also for babies if they get thrush in their mouths. Baby seems to be doing great but it is taking longer for mom to get better. Though the situation was much improved when I left on Saturday, some good old fashioned healing energy and get well wishes may be in order I think.

However, today being Monday it is time to get back to work. Here is a photo taken at Galiano Island as we were waiting for the ferry to load.

This photo of “Blue on blue” reminds me that I have a project or three to do.

This week’s canvas is 24 x 48 inches – long and lean. I have an image in mind but you will have to wait until Friday to see how far I get. One hint – it has nothing much to do with the images that I posted today.

Sprout question: What is the inspirational centre for your creative focus this week?

Also, I have three new photographs printed and framed to go in the display on the Queen of Nanaimo Ferry this week. If you are travelling this way you may want to have a browse.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

17 thoughts on “Josie’s Helleborus

  1. Terrill,

    Rain day and Monday here, yes the first days of spring, which I capture and photographed a few days before, and still at it, when the rain lets up.
    Many plants and flowers on the surface are not as interesting as what is underneath, as well as people the outer being does not always shine the light that is truly who they are…

    Coen is looking sweet and cute, has he evolves into this world on a regular basis. Glad to see everyone is improving! Sending Love and healing their way…

    Sprout Question: What is the inspirational center for creative focus this week? The Artist’s Way, Rules of the Road, filling my well to be inspired for choosing new prints for a collection/exhibit.

    Love the Photos!

    I am Love, Jeff

  2. Terrill – Oh, the photographs are just great, especially the one of Coen in the bath! Please know that I’ve got Josie Zipped in the Pod! (

    Sprout question: What is the inspirational center for your creative focus this week?

    Teaching is the inspiration. Curriculum is the focus. This coming Sunday I’m teaching an introduction to Crystal Therapy class so I’m going over the curriculum I wrote with a fine-tooth-comb to make sure I’ve dotted my I’s and crossed by T’s.

  3. I love the wonderful prompt in your sprout question.

    Sprout question: What is the inspirational centre for your creative focus this week?

    I may ponder this and reply at my blog.


    Beautiful images, too! Thanks.


  4. Sending Josie healing enegry…and much thanks for those adorable photos. I can’t believe it’s been a month already.
    The centre of my creativity should be my slowly growing manuscript. It should be…although other obligations and opportunities are demanding my attention. Ah, life. : )

    • Thank you Leanne and for as long as I can remember… I never do a “should.” They just haunt me to I turn it into an “I will” or “I am” or a “f#*k that!” But I trust you will grow your manuscript even if the words are not on the pages yet. You are simply doing an early draft version in your head until you get a chance to sit down and key it up. It will happen.

  5. spring is a time of renewal – this time of year ( from my birthday till the beginning of spring ) i find my self reflecting over the past year as well as my lifetime.
    I try to slough off what is not positive from the past and begin fresh building on the positive that is left.

    • Great strategy boababpapers and in reading your poetry I would say it has been successful for you.

      Today is my son’s birthday. He is 33 years old. Where did the years go? I can still imagine him the same size as his nephew Coen… or at almost nine – the age of his son Arrow. I think we must be many ages at once since it is so easy to remember.

  6. Baby blue — photos and beautiful child. Healing sun to Josie from my sunny space within. I remember feeling overwhelmed with my daughter so many years ago … a feeling we never forget, I suspect. I’m glad you are all close by for support. It helps so much. Have never seen the delightful flower — looks exotic though! We actually had spring snow yesterday, so I definitely appreciated the bright colors of your post (as always!), Terrill. RE your SQ: my inspirational center for creative focus this week has been time alone. John on the road this week, so I’ve gotten things done that have been on my list for way too long! A refreshing week, so to speak. Looking forward to the Friday post and what you’ve been painting. Sending love and spring vibes, Daisy

    • Daisy I think my daughter has turned the corner and is on the mend. Such a relief. It was difficult to see her in so much pain and be helpless to do much about it – though that didn’t stop me from trying:) Time alone is often a great treat in life and I can see you have used it well. My painting has been slow this week so I hope you are not too disappointed tomorrow when I post… only the underpainting. But I did get down to the sea so there will still be something to share.

  7. I can feel Josie’s pain… I had such a terrible case of it that gentian violet didn’t even help. It’s good she’s sticking it through though, it can be hard it’s so painful, but once you get everything resolved breastfeeding is so wonderful.

    I’m loving your blues!!

    • Thanks Kat! I am loving the blues as well.

      As for Josie I don’t think the gentian violet alone would have done it either but she has a special anti-baterial and anti-fungal cream too, plus rinsing with vinegar water, air drying and changing her diet. If you have any other things that you found work send me an email. It is not something I had to deal with but is becoming much more common these days. I don’t think I have seen anything as painful except maybe mastitis which I got while nursing her. She will appreciate comment and experience.

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