Port of call – Mayne Island

Near Mayne Island while traversing the inside passage from either direction, the Gulf Islands B.C. Ferry vessel loudspeaker will crackle. The captain then announces variations of “We are approaching Villiage-Bay-Mayne-sland. This is also the transfer point for passengers going to…..”  This last part of the announcement changes depending on what ferry you are traveling.

It is pretty hard to miss your stop. But knowing if you even want to come or how to get this far in your trip can be a little tricky. Fortunately, our Mayne Island Community Chamber of Commerce makes it easier.

Regular Creative Potager readers may recognize the photographs on the front panel and the inside of this four-fold brochure. Yes, they are mine.

Earlier this year I was asked by a chamber member if I would consider submitting some photographs for use in the brochure. There had been a community-wide call for submission. I hummed and hawed feeling that my images are not really marketing sunshine and fun. They are often quiet, subdued, reflective and moodily dramatic. Since most of my photographs are taken in low-light during fall/winter or during the bookends of a spring or summer day, I wasn’t sure what I had to offer. But I agreed to let the committee have a look at my redbubble portfolio. To my delight they chose these two images. This is the second time this year that my images have been requested for promotional purposes – a pleasant addition to my artistically aimed photography.

But you might be saying “where is Mayne Island anyway?” The Chamber brochure has a pictorial answer on the back panel. Off the west coast of North America, snuggled into a cluster of Canadian Gulf Islands and the United States San Juan Islands, that darkly coloured island is home.

Now I bet you want to know exactly where Creative Potager is on Mayne Island – right? If you open up the brochure there is a map of the island. I love the crunchy tactile unfolding of maps. This brochure has a particularly satisfying soft and earthy feeling to the touch.

Creative Potager is marked by a white-squared number 35. See it there, just below the Mt Parke Park signage near the centre of the island.

The white-squared number 35 Creative Potager home studio is open by appointment.

The best way to get a home studio tour of our timberframed strawbale la casa de inspiracion is to email me at tawelch@shaw.ca .

You will need a brochure, or wait for the chamber website to be updated, to know exactly what else is marked on the map. I can tell you that yellow-squared numbers are accommodation, green are farms, orange real estate, red services, and white shops and galleries. If you would like your own brochure it will be on the ferry or drop me a line and I can mail you one.

My STUDY OF BLUE  solo exhibition of 15 original oil paintings, opening Thursday June 30, 2011, will be held at the yellow-squared number 9 and blue-squared number 17 which is the two listings for the Oceanwood. One is for accommodation and one for the restaurant.

Fly into Vancouver or Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, rent a car, catch a ferry and you are here. It is just that easy. During the busy summer season it is recommended to make reservations for the ferry from Vancouver to Mayne Island and for accommodation while you are here. I look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

Best of the weekend to you!

Sprout question: What is your creative port of call?

STUDY OF BLUE  solo exhibition opens Thursday June 30, 2011.

© 2011 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Purchase photography at http://www.redbubble.com/people/terrillwelch

Creative Potager – where imagination rules. Be inspired.

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

Terrill Welch online Gallery at http://terrillwelchartist.com

14 thoughts on “Port of call – Mayne Island

  1. Terrill,

    Congratulations! How wonderful! Now that we all know how to get there to Mayne Island, the journey can begin!

    We never know what images people will be attracted to. Pleased when they choose a photograph, yet often asking what is it about this shot that gives them feelings, etc?
    I am thrilled for you, and you deserve your recognition!!!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Thank you Jeff! I can relate to your comments about the mystery of what creative work attracts a person. Often as the creator of the work we are not a good judge of what will appeal. We must just do what needs to be created and release it into the world. Sometimes it is years later before a work finds its time with an audience. The 1957 film “A Face in the Crowd” is a good example. It wasn’t very popular when it was made but when David and I watched it this week it is surely a gem and seems timelessly appropriate to today. A gallery owner once said that if an artist brings a piece of work that they say they really dislike and were not sure if wanted to show it, he would put that piece in a star position because he knew it was likely to be the first to sell.

      Don’t get me wrong. I really like the photographs on this brochure but I don’t think I would have instinctively chose them to be used in the way they are – which I think was a bit of genius on the part of web and graphic designer Johnathon Lane. This is one of great benefits of releasing work for use by others. A whole other level of creativity comes forth. It is like seeing where people hang a painting they purchase. It is no longer the same painting that I painted because now it has a whole other contextual meaning mapped onto it by its new owners.

      Thank you again Jeff for your kind words of celebration. It is always a pleasure to share successes here on Creative Potager whether it is mine or the work of another creative being. I love that part of hosting this blog.

  2. Terrill – “This is the second time this year that my images have been requested for promotional purposes – a pleasant addition to my artistically aimed photography.”: That is so darned exciting — YOU GO, GIRL!

    I love how you opened the map and shared the color key with us, and where you are.

    Sprout Question: What is your creative port of call?

    Terrill, I’ve taken you here by photo before, but the trip is definitely worth repeating. As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words – enjoy! http://www.holessence.com/featurephoto.html

    • Oh Laurie! Your dream cottage is just splendid. Yes I can see you writing here – day after day with pure pleasure.

      And thank you Laurie for shouting with glee in my creative corner. Always appreciated!

  3. Well ok that’s it! Now that you’ve officially offered an invitation, I’m going to have to think long and hard about making REAL the DREAM I’ve had for many years of visiting your area Terrill. And after clicking on the vid of la casa de inspiracion, I was reminded of yet another dream I’ve had forever – my kind of architecture for sure, reminds me of the wonderful Earth Ships in northern New Mexico I wanted so to call home, but not without a beach nearby.

    I think the Chamber made a wise decision in picking your photos for the broschure, they convey such a soulful feel of the area, who could resist the adventure!

    As for my ‘creative port of call’ – it’s always been and will always be The Beach in it’s many forms and climates. Perhaps this is why my ongoing dream of producing a coffeetable picture book entitled ‘Beaches Of The World’ continues to be a work in progress. . . . yet another reason to visit your beautiful lil piece of heaven.

    • Wouldn’t be grand Alison to have a Creative Potager gathering in the la casa de inspiracion courtyard for tea, take a tour of my home studio and then slip off to one its many beaches for read, painting, and a photo shoot? Come the end of the day, I would see everyone off to their chosen B&B, Inn or cottage for a night of quiet rest. I can’t image anything more fun. Of course, if just you, or any reader, wants to come for a visit it is possible to do the same. It is all doable when the timing is right.

      Thank you for your vote of confidence Alison. I know they are pleased with their choice though it will only get tested by the public this week as the brochures go into circulation.

      What a wonderful long-term project – ‘Beaches of The World’. Mayne Island beaches are delightful as you already know but they are not as sweeping and grand as the Oregon Coast or Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Yet, because they are often secluded simply because of the small island population and being relatively off the beaten path of tourists, they have a special place in the world of beaches. Therefore they get my vote for a page or two in coffeetable book.

  4. Great idea for a post! I’ve been wondering where you are exactly in the world … this is really helpful. The soul craves beauty and you have found it. Someday, if we travel, that area will be on our list, I hope. Thanks, Terrill, for sharing your inspiring life with us! –Daisy

    • Daisy I have been thinking about you – not because of today’s post but because of the flooding in your area. I will check on facebook in awhile too but how is your community fairing?

      I believe that natural beauty is where there is nature or even just the changing of light. I like how you write about the subtle beauty of the prairies in South Dakota in your book Where the Heart Resides. This matches my experience. If we are in a place long enough to see the light change and breathe into a day and a night, the natural elegance and powerful beauty emerges. For example, the work of photographer Edward Burtynsky as shown in the 2006 film “Manufactured Landscapes.” His work fascinates me as he finds beauty in what is really natural areas that have been re-scaped by industry.

  5. Congratulations, Terrill. The images are beautiful and certainly would prompt me to pick up the brochure. I especially like the photo as diptych. Such a gorgeous spot.

    • Thank you Maureen. The spot for the diptych is Reef Bay and is at the north end of the island at the top of the map just down and to the right of the yellow-squared number 7. It is a place I visit often as the seascape is forever surprising with no two days ever quite the same.

    • Ah yes Jose – this is precisely why the post is laid out as it is – for those who are coming to the solo exhibition STUDY OF BLUE to be able to find there way 🙂 I plan to use it as a link in an upcoming post to give directions. But I thought it was fun to have posted anyway. Even for other visitors.

  6. I felt extremely lucky to have the use of such wonderful images, thank you once again Terrill! I’m very happy with the way the brochure turned out, due in no small part to your beautiful images!

    • Welcome to Creative Potager Johnathon! I was wondering if you might make it by for a visit 🙂

      Dear readers, allow me to introduce Johnathon Lane, web and graphic designer who is the creative genius behind the design of this brochure. More about his work at Industry Interactive.

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