Stormy Sky over the Belle Chain

I was chasing the supermoon across the Gulf Islands sky on evening. These clouds were in my way as the last light caught the Belle Chain which is a string of small islands at the horizon line where the sea lions gather. I could hear their barking conversation as the sky rolled in its majestic glory.

Now that the two art shows of my work are up, the Farm Gate Store spring series greeting cards have arrived (more on this in the next post) and the garden is planted I really must get some of these up and in an album for you on my smugmug and redbubble storefront. Soon!

SPROUT: What sound recently completed a picture for you?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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9 thoughts on “Stormy Sky over the Belle Chain

  1. Beautiful picture, Terrill—and intriguing question.
    Back-story: My parents were avid gardeners. I grew up in a fragrant world. My favourite part of the garden was a tall lilac hedge.
    Recently, I took a picture of a lilac tree. To capture the shot, I walked under the branches. In the resulting photo, I hear my childhood giggles.

  2. Terrill – I love that you could hear their “barking conversation.” A perfect word picture!

    SPROUT: What sound recently completed a picture for you?

    A nervous Nellie male cardinal — probably a new parent — calling to his mate, “Is everything okay honey? Is everything okay?”

    • Did she tell answer him with an amuse tolerance Laurie or just go about cleaning up while saying to self “I hope he gets over this soon so we can have some piece and quiet around here.”

  3. The sound that completed a picture for me was a frightening fall of a massive utility pole last night at a location a few blocks from my home, as I return from a theatre adventure in Manhattan with Lucille. The visual picture was rather chaotic and the sound was unmistakable, but thank God no one was injured. These are lovely clouds and while a temporary intrusion on your visual design, still of some sensory value on another front.

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