Good Intentions

Last evening when I was turning out the lights I had a plan for this morning’s Creative Potager post. I would post a couple of red tulip photos I’ve been working on with a simple sprout question about “red” and that would be it. I wanted quick, simple and something ready to go as I have a busy day today.

Well, this morning it was all soft, misty and raining. As I  sipped my coffee and contemplate the day I think about the tulip draped in morning light with big drops of rain pooling and running down its smooth surface. That is about the very point when my good intentions from last evening begin to unravel.

Sniffing the freshness of green and moisture, I slip into the side yard where two ears wiggle and a curious nose sniffs back at me from the other side of the deer fence – which, as a gardener, is where I like to see these critters… on the OTHER side of the deer fence.

Since we are going round to the front yard, I might as well show you the new garden bed I’m digging while we are here. I wanted a labyrinth but the space is too small so this is my creative solution.

Oh yes, the tulip…

Then I decide to be a raindrop having fallen for thousands of feet clinking and clanking into other raindrops before seeing my destination… oh what a place to land!

Since we have gone this far and I am only slightly damp, why don’t we go part way down the eighty-one steps on stairway-to-heaven and have a quick look out over the valley from under the firs?

Now as an after thought here are the two images I had planned for this morning….

tulip kaleidoscope

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red tulip in mid-day sun

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Sprout Question: What happens to your good intentions when they meet head-on with your creative muse?

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