About la casa de inspiracion

The Edge still on the easel in the studio of Canadian Artist Ter

The Edge still on the easel in the studio of Canadian Artist Terrill Welch

la casa de inspiracion hosts Creative Potager and is the home studio gallery of artist, and photographer and writer Terrill Welch.

Gossip overheard in the the artist's studio by Terrill Welch

A warm, charismatic eco-friendly, timberframe and strawbale home la casa de inspiracion is a work of art created by Tracey Calvert between 2003 and 2006.

Quiet Sunday at our house by Terrill Welch 2014_02_16 054

Many people ask about and come to visit la casa de inspiracion for her character and beauty but also because they have some connection through their own assistance in her building or through a friend.

mostly off the wall by Terrill Welch 2014_02_16 068

Terrill shares this incredible space with her husband David L. Colussi. David wrote the following poem Dwelling, which is in three parts.


Watching sunlight and darkness from this house of glass

suspended on the ridges of a valley,

the human history of dwelling plays across the scene in drama or in documentary.

Darkness dwells the way that we once did in wandering across the land.

Its home is east of the sun, where it moves ahead in gypsy fashion,

and west of the sun, where it follows as a hunter.

The hunter waits for the sunlight to hit the tops of western valley cliffs at progressively acute angles,

and when the sunlight overshoots the cliffs completely

the darkness rushes over the valley walls like water over Niagara Falls

and submerges all the valley into one big reservoir of night.

Presently it rises up and silvers all the windows and the stained glass tears.

This house of glass becomes a house of mirrors.


Now every light inside the house is captured in the window glass.

Everything that we illuminate is gathered and sent back for us to dwell on and elucidate.

The corner window down the hall shows part of my face in profile.

I look up through the skylight and against the tree tops seen in silhouettes

my hands are on the keyboard moving in some stopped-action like some marionettes.

The corners of the windows in the room downstairs contain some pieces of me I forgot were even there beneath the table.

I am all picassoed over on the window walls in fragments and distorted in stained-glass tears

because this house of glass has turned into a house of mirrors.


I work away at putting all my pieces back together.

Memories of things that happened decades long ago appear in casement window frames –

I turn my head

And see myself in childhood and remember questions that I thought I’d answered years ago.

They’re all still there waiting to present their supplementaries.

I wonder how I managed to survive with all these pieces some are missing some still there.

They fit together best when you are here.

la casa de inspiracion is located on Mayne Island, in the southern gulf islands off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “About la casa de inspiracion

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  2. I opened up Twitter (on Solstice) to check my account. I usually go directly to my account. To many adds, not interested in “whatever” is being spewed in this moment.

    I saw your face, I clicked your page, I knew I had to know more about who you were and what you were up to, so I clicked your site and here I am.

    My DREAM for many years now, has been to move to Victoria, BC. I don’t know why I am so drawn to western Canada – perhaps because I see a retreat center there that I will ba a practicing part of – or. . . .

    I am a writer, photographer, painter and personal development/energy clearing and balancing specialist. I’ve been in the human potential development field for 30 years. I don’t know why I am teling you this.

    This is an auspicious day the winter Solstice 2010 and I do know that the connection I’ve made to you thru Twitter was not a ‘per chance’ kind of thing – rather more like a ‘soul clan’ meeting – precisely set for NOW!

    To fnd out more about me please visit my blog at http://www.lifebydesignwithalison.com or on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lifebydesignwithalison or on twitter (and I am following you) at aliinspired.

    I really do think we should talk soon.

    Blessings on the solstice and throughout this new year,


    • Please to meet you Alison. I am about to go out the door but will be back to get to know you better over the next few days. I had a mentor that used to say “there are no accidents, everything is purposeful.” So here we are, two shiny pebbles touching in a tweet stream and then tumbling a distance through time. Enjoy! Terrill

  3. The words and images here are so beautiful. It wasn’t until I set to comment did I see the wonder of your background. This is so meaningful. How is it that you can see as it was so intended?! Thank you.

  4. Beautiful home. My husband and I have always been interested in strawbale homes, we even drove down to Arizona to look at one to buy (but eneded up buying in the Gulf Islands…long story). It looks like it has a wonderful warm and peaceful vibe. Thank you for sharing.

    • Your are most welcome Deb. The woman who built our house Had a wonderful eye for light and detail. I believe she is still living on Pender Island and recently finished building a strawbale workshop.

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