Spurious relationships between photograph and painting pairs

I have been requested several times to create another art book that includes pairings of my photographs and paintings. The difficulty with this task is that I don’t generally paint directly from one particular photograph. I sometimes paint en plein air and other time using my whole experience and a large handful of my own reference images will paint in the studio. The two approaches are simply used as tools to capture my impressions of the world around me – a world that emotionally and physically influences my everyday because it IS my everyday. Here is a pairing that demonstrates this almost spurious relationships between what looks like a natural pairing.

The photograph “Good Morning Galiano Island” was taken yesterday at about 9:30 in the morning.

Good morning Galiano Island Dec 30 2012  by Terrill Welch 2012_12_30 299

(available for closer viewing and purchase  HERE)

The oil painting “Far Shore” was painted in the spring 2010 using a set of very grainy reference images from an earlier afternoon day when the fog was so heavy that the sun could just barely break through lightly onto the tip of the rock face.

Far Shore 18 x 24 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch  IMG_9804

(available for closer viewing and purchase HERE)

Is there a connection between these two works? Yes, but it is likely that the photograph is more influenced by the previous painting than the other way around.

Here is another example. The sunrise was deep in bruised mauve yesterday. “Mayne Island Dawn Dec 30 2012” is one of my favourites from this shoot.

Mayne Island dawn Dec 30 2012 by Terrill Welch 2012_12_30 060

The oil painting “Winter Sun” which was also completed early in 2010 using a different location as reference yet the feeling is the same, the light is the same and I can smell the same cool sea air when I look at both the photograph from yesterday and this painting from a couple of years ago.

5 winter sun May 10 10

(available for closer viewing and purchase HERE)

Well, here we are. This will be our last Creative Potager post in 2012. Also, it is a post that hints at what is ahead. I desire to take you deeper into the creative process and life of this artist. Right down into the unfinished tangle of thoughts, unfinished ideas, quick sketches and daily explorations. The posts will likely be longer and full of musings, more of a shared record, if you will, of the history behind the finished work that will eventually emerge.


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