dahlias from a friend

Grown in her garden, these dahlias were picked and packed and brought by ferry to my art opening. I love how you can only see one face of a dahlia at a time. They seem to turn just slightly to give each large bloom a chance to shine. When I look at this image I remember how my friend came with her sleeping bag and a tent to stay in the camp ground because it was the only accommodation where she could stay for just one night and bring her beautiful big dogs. I remember how she sometimes says that “getting old is not for wimps” and that the wind came up that evening along active pass. She said she wouldn’t have missed my party for anything. I believe her.

Today is the ninth anniversary of the day David and I met. We are fortunate in our love, our family, and our friendships. I re-gift these dahlias from our friend, now as a photograph rendered in oils, to David. Happy anniversary my love.

Sprout Question: How can the many blossoms of your creativity come together in one bouquet?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

8 thoughts on “dahlias from a friend

  1. Wonderful Dahlias! Lovely photo.

    Congrats on celebrating your first date or meeting anniversary. It gives one more opportunity to celebrate our love. This October 20 will be 50 years since our first date… and we were 15 in 11th grade.

    • Sherwin I so agree and I can just imagine the anniversary days that you take the opportunity to celebrate after 50 years. Reminds of a love quote by Kahlil Gibran “Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit….

  2. Terrill – I cried when I got to the part where you said, “I re-gift these dahlias from our friend, now as a photograph rendered in oils, to David. Happy anniversary my love.”

    My heartstrings are easily plucked.

    Sprout Question: How can the many blossoms of your creativity come together in one bouquet?

    Each blossom (my areas of creativity) is quite different from the next — no two are even from the same arena of creativity. So when they come together, they’re a bouquet of vibrant Wild Flowers.

    • Bouquets of vibrant Wild Flowers always hold a special place of appreciation for me Laurie. David hasn’t seen this post yet. He is on his way out to build some more deer fence to keep the deer from coming down a steep bank and eating my begonias through the netting I put up. He will get to eventually though.

  3. Terrill,

    what a question—so much of creativity is a juxtaposition of so many different paths from lives, moments, selves, likes, that when indeed, a moment happens that when the many blossoms come in one bouquet, sometimes by chance and others because well, it was time to fruitation, it is a joy unlike other. the integration really is worth a photo, the fragrance fills the room with a joy unprecedented, and well… then we begin again…

    i love this sprout question.

    and of course, a huge fan of your photography and work. now, i am beginning to understand ‘how’ people become ‘collectors’ per se of one artist’s work…. the works just speak like dahlias….

    great photo.

    and happy happy anniversary to a rare love.


    • Annie thank you for your enthusiastic and expansive sprout response! And thank you for the anniversary wishes:)

      Dear readers I greatly enjoyed reading Annie’s latest post today “Still Sundays September 19th“. Here is the opening sentence:

      New York City, despite tall architectural structures springing towards the sky as far as the eye can gaze, offers crevices where you can feel the foundation upon which it all stands: the Earth.

      Ah, I knew that would do it!… Say “hi” to Annie from me while you are there…. she says with her hand cupped shouting at your back as you round the corner down a blogsphere lane headed straigght for Annie Q Syed’s post.

  4. My congratulations to you and David and many happy returns of the day!

    Your sprout question is one that occupies me for most of my life. My answer: “I don’t know.”

    Perhaps the question implies to become whole, a One as a person, which is hardly ever achieved. Or perhaps: you always view yourself from the inside – so you never can become a bouquet, which would be complete to be seen and enjoyed on the outside.

    I think I’ll stay with “I don’t know.” 😉

    • Detlef thank you for the congratulations:) And Detlef, I believe that when we have questions that inspire and intrigue us where the answer is “I don’t know.” we are truly engaged in living.

      I remember a story along these lines from a professor. As a young student, he was working on his doctoral thesis and while spending copious amounts of time in the library. While there he noticed a tiny elderly woman gathering books, reading and taking notes. After a few weeks of observation, his curiosity got the best of him and he went and asked what she was working studying. She told him she was researching what made the elderly happy. He raised his youthful eyebrows in both puzzlement and amusement.

      She smiled and replied “I want to see if there is an attitude or view that people can take when they are elderly that will improve their quality of life.”

      The doctoral student then asks the obvious question “How old are you now?”

      “Oh I will only be seventy-eight next month” she relied. “I am the youngest in my family. My sister is eight-six and my brother is eighty-nine. I was an after thought.”

      The professor of Sociology then told us that what he learned that day was the value of a questioning mind. If we are curious and searching and wondering, we are alert and engaged. We are alive. The elderly woman was a retired professor of Geriatrics. She had retired from her professorship but not from her questions.

      So I believe, to have a question that can occupy us for most of our lives is a good thing.

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