Good Neighbour Gate

We have all likely heard of good neighbour fences where you make sure the fence is agreeable to both parties and looks nice on both sides. What about a good neighbour gate? I love the idea that you can do more than visit over the fence with a neighbour. Imagine having a chat and opening the gate so they can come in and get a closer look at your prize pink dahlias.

Sprout Question: Where are your good neighbour creativity gates located?

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14 thoughts on “Good Neighbour Gate

  1. What a wonderful Idea!

    My good neighbor gate is here on wordpress! we hang on each other fence, words and photos, open each others gates to expand on our openness.

    I am Love, Jeff

    PSSSS! Who’s throwing a Birthday Party for Laurie??

    • Jeff I love your good neighbour gate concept for blogging! What a great metaphor.

      Now for Laurie’s birthday which is TODAY…. there is a crowd gathered at A New Gaia on Ning here so I posted today’s pink dahlia for her there but I really think it would be nice to sing a round of happy birthday wishes for her here as well. Are you ready… a one, two, three…



  2. I guess my good neighbour gate is my front door (to which I have had many guests lately). I wish my dahlias were still blooming! Okay, I’m inspired to make my doorway look more inviting!

  3. What a drop dead gorgeous flower! And you are twice blessed if you have a neighbour who would appreciate it!

    My good neighbour creativity project is improving the common driveway in our seven lot community… new gravel, clearing ditches, slashing salal and trees that are encroaching on the driveway. I am also working on a new front gate image for Heck Hill… with rock posts, iron gates and new signage.

  4. A good neighbor gate! In one place we lived, we put a gate in our fence so the neighbor lady and her kids could come over a visit without climbing the fence in their dresses, which were mandatory daily wear in their church. Then we all could visit each others gardens and share plants while the kids played together.
    At the place we live now, our neighbors are farther away, but we still have neighbor gates. One allows us to walk and ride horses on our neighbor’s 160 acre beautifully treed property and the other gate, between a different neighbor, allows heavy duty equipment to be shared without having to go the long way around on the road. Neither are pretty gates but they do enrich our lives!

    • Sue you bring a grand rural perspective to the idea of a good neighbour gate that has a long history with your family. I am so glad you dropped in to share your experiences today. Sometimes function wins over beauty and as long as the gate opens and closes… well that can pretty much do the trick.

  5. Um, thinking about your question and reading Jeff’s response, I wonder if my good neighbour gate are the books I write. I look at them as a gift to my reader. In my mind, in my heart, I say, “Look at the beautiful world I’ve made for you, enjoy.”

  6. I could hear you all singing right here from the mid-west, THANK YOU! I’m having a GRAND day.

    Sprout Question: Where are your good neighbour creativity gates located?

    On the entrance to my heart, and you’ve all stepped in and made yourselves right at home. Thank you so very much.

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