Mayne Island Tree Spirits

Mayne Island is a magical place and in the rolling fog off the water it is even more magnificent. The dryads, fairies, nymphs and tree spirits are just out of sight or maybe not? Let’s have a look.

The fog is thick and little can be seen along the shore trail.

The pine seems to bend back to let us past.

One branch reaching forward with pine needles harboring hope of something special… do you see anything?

Let’s head inland for a bit.

Light in coming through the mist.

A sense of missing.


Reflections of trees caught in webs.

Watchful. Present.

Distant beauty.

Traveling into the mist.


Trees  growing together.

Tall wonder.

Many of these images are part of Mayne Island Tree Spirits 2011 calendar.

Shall we stay awhile, wondering back through the trees to the shore? Maybe the old crone will be out on the point with her camera. She is often here – squinting when the light is bright.

Have a great weekend!

Sprout question: Do you know of a place that is filled with tree spirits?

© 2010 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

28 thoughts on “Mayne Island Tree Spirits

  1. Terrill – My heart is just racing in my chest, I love it so much! And you get to LIVE there! I know it’s hard for you to quite make out what I’m saying as I’m still gathering my jaw off the top of my shoes. These photographs are an instance where the word “awesome” is absolutely appropriate. What a gift – thank you.

    Sprout question: Do you know of a place that is filled with tree spirits?

    There’s a forested spot in the Highlands of Scotland that has a “natural part.” When I lay my back on the leaf-covered forest floor with eyes and ears wide open, I knew — KNEW — beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are, indeed, tree spirits.

    • I knew you would Laurie. All the time I was putting the post together I was thinking “Laurie loves trees. This is just the most perfect journey for her.”

      So much fun to be able to share this experience with everyone because it was a magnificent walk through the woods. There was hardly as sound except for little birds and soft waves coming ashore. I treasure these extra special times and I do know how lucky I am – I really do.

      So Laurie, there is a spot in the Highlands of Scotland too? I wonder where else? Hummm….? Let’s wait and see.

  2. Wow! What breathtakingly Beautiful pictures, Terrill! Thank you for sharing that Gorgeous journey into your mystically enchanting area! Best wishes for a Wonderful weekend and full Moon Blessings

    • Thank you Antonia and the full moon is very prominent as it seems to shine right through any clouds in our window and down onto our bed… that is until it slips behind the tall trees to the west.

  3. Oh these are lovely and full of spirits!
    Each tree is a precious thing.
    man is always ready to chop down though unfortunatly when diseased it has to be done
    This time of year sad that leaves are falling but it reveals more of a tree

    • Chris I too appreciate having more of the tree revealed and the spaces in the underbrush, small openings that are hidden from view in mid summer. Where I grew up in late February or March there is often a thick crust on the deep snow and with snowshoes or even just walking it is possible to wander through the popular trees going places that are too dense any other time without bush-whacking a trail. Here though, the salal stays green all year and there is never that much snow for long enough to melt and refreeze into a hard crust.

  4. I love all the dewy droplets in the pictures on trees and webs…I think living in such a foggy area makes my skin beautiful too! Lovely pictures Thank you for sharing

  5. I see much special here. There are little fairies and sprites and elves peeking out from beneath the trees. Some of them are hiding behind leaves and amidst the fog.

    I love coming upon a woods filled with spirits. Usually the woods are old and the roots thick. The spirits speak the green tongue and we listen to them through the wind which blows the branches.

    Thank you for this most lovely of posts, Terrill.

    • It is too Elisa! The Tree Place:) There are a great number of trees on Mayne Island. Historically when homesteaders came they fell the very big ones and burnt them where they lay to create small fields to grow produce. The trees were too big to do anything once they hit the ground. We don’t have any left that are in that size range now but we still have some beautiful big trees.

    • Thank you Kelly, mystery is in abundance when the fog rolls or the light is low at dawn, in the evening or during the shorter days of late fall and winter. It is a private time when only the year round people stay and only a few are out wandering the woods. We feel like we have this sacred place all to ourselves. Even if we see someone there is a shared smile of conspiracy – this is the best time… we seem to be saying.

  6. Truly breathtaking … tree spirits, love the idea! Strangely enough, I posted a picture of our evergreen trees on my facebook page yesterday … so I may have to provide a link to your post, as well! I liked “Together” with the hint of sunlight … sunny room studio is all about the sunlight, right!? 🙂

    Best to you, Terrill, thanks for sharing this captivating post. –Daisy

  7. The fog comes
    on little cat feet.

    It sits looking
    over harbor and city
    on silent haunches
    and then moves on.
    -Carl Sandburg

    Breathtaking beauty and a mysterious stillness suffuses these images, and there’s definitely some benign spirits in residence. This is yet further proof that you are living the life that most can only dream of consumating.

    There is a place within a mile and a half of our home where nightime strolls often suggest that tree spirits are are lurking. It’s a wooded stretch encircling a lake that certainly inspires some meditative hankerings.

  8. Lovely forground, backround planes traded places as your eyed become accustomed to all that’s being studied… levels and planes peaking out forward, then slowing moving back into the fog … love the trees standing and calm… watching without comment, as the air changes.air

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  10. I found your blog via Patricia’ Facebook post. These photographs are stunning! My eyes tear up just looking at these trees, the paths and the mist. What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing.

    • Davina welcome to Creative Potager. I was just by your Shades of Crimsom site and will be back again. Thank you for your feedback on Mayne Island Tree Spirits. I worked most of yesterday afternoon getting these images posted and put into a 2011 calendar format. The results can be viewed through today’s post “Dentist Doctor and Birthdays” Hope to see you here again soon.

      Oh, and thank you Patricia for sharing the link! Most appreciated.

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