Trees: As we breathe with West Coast Canadian Artist Terrill Welch

Trees: As we breathe is a special and very personal show to me. I hope you enjoy it both online and in-person.

Canadian Contemporary Terrill Welch Gallery

Large oil paintings of trees, mostly arbutus trees,  grace the walls of the Terrill Welch Gallery from Friday, May 18, 2018 to Sunday, July 23, 2018. A very few smaller plein air sketches and studies provide balance and perspective to these larger canvases.

Trees: As we breathe is an invitation, a reminder to our human connect to trees for our very breath. Rendered in each brushstroke is Canadian west coast landscape artist Terrill Welch’s passion and pure pleasure in trees.

The paintings are about the elegance of this often forgotten relationship as we race towards deadlines, commitments, dreams, goals and personal expectations for human achievement.

This show is about giving a nod, taking a pause and being like the trees we so rely on for life. This show is about love, beauty and aging in place. This show is about loss, companionship and spirals of time.

The paintings in this…

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6 thoughts on “Trees: As we breathe with West Coast Canadian Artist Terrill Welch

  1. Your trees are enchanting. They show the beauty, the mystery, the wildness, and the miracle of nature at its best and how interconnected we are with it. Wish I could see your show! Wishing you spectacular success.

    • Thank you Deborah! It is nice to be able to share the work like this online but you are right, in-person is quite a different experience. Someone was by while I was setting up who lives off island and she was saying there is so much more to sitting in the room with the paintings even though she felt she already knew the work from seeing my posts,

    • They do Steve but not very tasty berries. Our Arbutus menziesii and the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) are related though the leaves are slightly different as well. I planted a small strawberry tree in my yard but it froze the winter before last and is growing up from the roots again.

  2. Do you have strawberry trees at your cabin Steve? If so I would love to see a photograph some time just to see what ours might eventually grow up to be someday. Best of luck finding the time to be there!

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