The Story of the Nightgown and the Paintbrush

The nightgown sighed heavily on the sales rack. Will she ever make up her mind? Calculating, calculating – I am a nightgown for heavens sake! How difficult can it be? I look like the other two she bought more than three years ago. I am white. I am cotton. I have no itchy lace. I am the right size. I am ON SALE. I am perfect! Still she feels and rubs me raw between her painterly fingers and hesitates. Ah finally. She is lifting me up and taking me carefully to the counter – still frowning mind you. But the decision has been made. There, $40.32, that wasn’t so painful, was it? If only I could get her to smile now instead of muttering that she really doesn’t need me.

The large bristle paintbrush laughed and shouted to all the other brushes on the art store shelf. Stand back boys. She is coming for me! I can see that glint in her eyes. I will put money on it. She will have me in her hand before the store door closes itself behind her. Yep! Here she comes. The paintbrush puffs himself extra bristly and tall.

The little brushes rolled their eyes and want to slap him silly. They have seen this before. An artist walks in and doesn’t even check the price tag on this boastful beast. They just pick up the big bushy brute and head for the counter.

They can hear the clerk heard saying “that will be $41.45 please.” The artist laughs lightly, hands over the cash. No, no a bag won’t be necessary. She puts the new brush in with her nightgown and is already thinking about the first painting she is going to paint with this sashaying dandy.

SPROUT: What buying habits are influenced by your creativity?

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