Overture in mist – the southern Gulf Islands in November

Four o’clock in the afternoon the day before the time change in November 2012 the southern Gulf Islands rolled and heaved the light and mist across sea and land.The Mayne Queen has just left Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island.

When I shared a few of the photographs on Google Plus a fellow artist C.J. Shane asked what music I heard.  I replied – with my lungs filled with sea air and the mist leaving intimate jewels on my skin and hair, I heard the sound of the diesel engine of the small ferry and the rolling wake of the water along the occasional cry of the gulls.  But if I was to think of music, it would be a classical overture such as maybe the Italian romantic composer Giuseppe Verdi’s 1862 , The Force of Destiny-Overture

Verdi – The Force of Destiny – Overture

There are great spaces of quiet with the seascapes building and building into these surprising moments where even the deepest breath does not seem to provide enough. It is like – breathe in and in and then exhale into such a sense of inner peace a person wants to hold themselves in that place for as long as possible. Then the tension of the landscape will start to build all over again as the mist and fog moves in its mysterious ways across the sky.

Alone in the mist…

in early November.

The sky rolling and heaving as if it is breathing and extended breath of awareness, inviting, demanding that I do same.

The golds of autumn are only hinted at beneath the cloak of November mist.

Mist is threaded across the landscape with such speed we are witness to the seamstress.

Hiding and revealing with equal wonder…

the southern Gulf Islands in November.

A welcomed beacon blinks against the lowering light.

Then land seems to escape from sea and sky – protruding in its deep and dark glory.

We move on to the outer edge of the November mist.

The hour, the moment has passed. Not the memory though. The moment is captured here in this overture in mist so we can breathe it again and yet again.

SPROUT: What music do you imagine would accompany your creativity?
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