The Soft Caress of Patterns

Do you ever just look at a pattern and know that it is telling you something? This happens to me often. When I’m painting or framing up an image I usually keep the pattern within its context so that it is recognizable and also “discovered” as part of the whole. But sometimes, just for me, I indulge in a mental soft caress of the pattern by itself. You know? – those patterns that your fingers run themselves over before you hands realize what they are doing….

Washboard glass in the historic Bedford Regency hotel bathroom window in Victoria.

Sediment stone washed by the sea on Mystic Beach, Vancouver Island.

Ancient stone work in Machu Picchu, Peru.

Winter clouds in Georgia Straight.

A monster size batch of cookies.

Okay, I guess you didn’t need the context of my kitchen counter to appreciate this batch of cookies but I bet you found your fingers reaching for them.

Sprout Question: Are there patterns or surfaces that attract your creative attention?

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