Today, I only have the ordinary to offer – the equivalent of canned moose meat. Yesterday’s walk produced nothing of significance in the way of photos.

There was the sound of the water running out of the pipe.

There was the horse and buggy “slow sign” that made me laugh.

There were the distant mountains to the north through active pass that made me think about how far it was to my parent’s farm in north central British Columbia.

All was rather ordinary. Still, I walked, I looked, and I framed shot after shot on the hopes that something might appear worthwhile of your audience. I feel like the fisherman who came home with no fish. When this happened as a child, well… we had canned moose meat. So today, I share with you ordinary images – my equivalent of canned moose meat. A creative day that is sustaining but not luxurious in its richness.

Sprout Question: Creatively, what do you do when confronted with “the ordinary?”

Note: Tomorrow I am traveling. There will likely be no Creative Potager post – unless I am very lucky find a window of time and an internet connection. If I don’t connect with you before hand, have a wonderful weekend.

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