Winter Studio

Quick sketch of trees as seen from studio window.

For the month of February, the Creative Every Day challenge theme is “home.” Leah does an outstanding job of hosting creative development. I decided for this month the theme was perfect for Creative Potager and I’m going to play along. The reason it is perfect is because I have too much stuff. My home is ruling me with its perpetual care and clutter. Yet, if I wait to draw, or paint or take photographs until it is the slim Zen-like space I desire my creativity will come to a standstill for far too long.

Here is my plan:  The theme will be “home” in some form or another while I create, clean and clear everyday for the month of February.

During the winter, I have my studio in the main house as the studio building is not insulated. This year in particular it has been important that I was in the house. I may not even move my working studio back to the other building in the spring but keeping it as a display store instead.

As you can see, my winter studio space is small but with a good-sized east facing window which I like because I am a morning person. However, even at 8:00am this morning I needed to use back lighting to be able to show you this space.

I like that I can see down into the rest of the house from my desk.

I am doing a morning sketch every morning Monday to Friday for February. These are not keepers they are awakeners (my made up word).

These quick sketches are to awaken my creative brain to thinking about light, space, and composition.

There will be no excuses – if a morning sketch means putting my art apron over my nightgown and slipper clad feet – so be it!

May your home be a space that inspires your creativity.

Sprout Question: Have you noticed if the physical space of your home impacts your creativity?

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20 thoughts on “Winter Studio

  1. Yes, I have noticed that my space/clutter/etc impacts my creativity and have plans to talk about it this month!

    love the sketch! it feels oh-so wintry.

  2. Yes it definitely does impact my creativity! I need my creative/art supplies around me while I am in creative mode but at the same time I need order. Ack! It can be frustrating at times. 🙂 Thanks for sharing pics of your space with us! Beautiful home.

  3. Yes! The space is so important for creative flow. And, as it was just Imbolc, a time of home cleaning/clearing in Spring preparation, (traditionally speaking) this is such Perfect Timing!

    Your sketch is Beautiful! As is your space!

  4. Sprout Question: Have you noticed if the physical space of your home impacts your creativity?

    Absolutely! My home office is “my” home office. And while I’m normally a very loving and generous person, I don’t share “my” space. In fact, I’m rather territorial about it. I keep very few “things” in my creative area. A friendly, worn desk of southern yellow pine that hugs the window sill – top cleared except for laptop. My creative muse is a combination of three things: the oak tree that stands sentinel outside my window, a colorful piece of art by Russell D’Alessio, and a blue kyanite pendant with a single seed pearl that I wear. I typically light one candle – the flame an encouraging reminder to press on.

    • Laurie your sprout answer is what I aspire to achieve. I may not be able to comfortably get things quite as clear but I would like to at least get half way between you and me when it comes to creating physical creative space. Thank you for your word picture.

  5. to go back to the question: I have a designated space in my kitchen where I work (no studio… yet). The only thing that will throw me off is the dishes in the sink. I let everything else ride until I’M DONE CREATING… Needless to say, my condo is a MESS. Owell! 🙂

    • Looks like we will both be admiring Laurie’s space Christine. I tend to be an all out in the open when creating as well. I’ve often had to work on the kitchen table and then clear it to be able to serve dinner. That was not fun. Having my small winter studio is a luxury for which I am most appreciative.

  6. physical space impacts creativity.. yep! Funny as it may seem … my kitchen has to be clean and tidy before I take the ten or so steps to the studio/office. I like to be able to leave my projects and the supplies I am currently working with out and ready to go. Then I need to set an alarm clock so I do take a break, stretch and re-evaluate what I have done. I like the idea of lighting candle; gonna try doing that.

    • Thanks for answering today’s Sprout Sue. I think I am going to have to try your idea and set the alarm. I do set the timer now when cooking and painting – otherwise the results (particularly dinner) can be most unsatisfactory.

  7. i am fortunate that i can work almost ant where. most likely because i have moves around so much in my life. what dose effect my creativity is the people around me. that can have a positive or negative impact.

    • I suppose Jerry the people around us are part of our physical experience of home as well. I never really thought about that. Hum, shall let this idea float around for awhile. Thanks for coming by and answering today’s Sprout Question.

  8. Some times I like to be at my kitchen counter working on projects,but most of the time I’m downstairs in my craft room,If I get real involved in a project I don’t notice where I’m at.But I do like to know where everything is stored,I get so frustrated when I cant find something.I usually work in my room after my hubby goes to bed,so it’s pretty quiet.

    • Hello Tammy, thanks for dropping by and answering today’s sprout. Sounds like you and Jerry are both fairly flexible about work space. I like early mornings before my sweetie is out of bed because it is quiet. I feel like this time of day is mostly mine though I do have a few special people – like my mom and dad – that I talk to on the phone just before daylight once in awhile.

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