With my nightgown hung on the line, I’m reminded that there is nakedness when I am home. Nakedness that usually has little to do with bare skin. Home is actually where we rarely entertain and seldom share the space with others. I think of it as the freedom to allow my energies to easily flow in the space around me. Home is sacred space… when we invite others in to our home – it is to share that sacred space with us.

On Saturday, I cleaned and cleared the cooking and eating utensils. I asked myself – how many people are we really going to have visit at one time? How much cutlery do we need? How many wooden spoons do we use?

The answer was: “far less than was actually in our stash.”

Hence, a great lovely bundle of goods are ready for the thrift store.

Then, the next afternoon, we went for a long walk in a Valentine’s Day Sunday sun. I realized that this too is part of what I considered “our home.” “Home” extended beyond our property. “Home” is Mayne Island a place where my energy flows easily within sacred space.

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View and purchase full resolution image here.

And, in honour of Valentine’s Day, the arbutus tango…

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Welcome to our home.

Sprout Question: Does your creative self have or need sacred space beyond your studio or writing desk?

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12 thoughts on “Naked

  1. Love these photos Terrill! They look so much like where I live in the Pacific NW of the US. Very lovely. 🙂

    Yes, I need huge expanses of nature around me in order to be creative. Our current home is surrounded by many lovely trees and all kinds of green loveliness. The neighbors are just far enough away. We even have a wild peacock that roams our property and comes to the back door for handouts. You just can’t beat that for inspiration. 🙂

    • Itaya, I couldn’t agree more – says one surrounded-by-trees artist to another:) There peacocks on the farm in the valley below us. Every once in awhile I see a big male wandering out to the back 40 all by himself. It is such an unusual site to see him striding along that I often dig out the binoculars just to make sure it is him. Thanks for coming by and sprouting today:)

  2. Hi my friend ,what a lovely post

    to me living a simple life in the mountains i too love the way the mountains form a home and the inspiration from the constant change all around

    love and light from us in the wee tin can

  3. Sprout Question: Does your creative self have or need sacred space beyond your studio or writing desk?

    Frank Lloyd Wright, the father of organic architecture, is well known for saying, “The reality of a building is the space within. And what you put into that space will affect how you live in it and what you become. Don’t clutter the place with stuff that does not ennoble it.” His point is that it’s the details that express the whole.

    Terrill – If my “details” are in order (I have plenty of empty space, and what few things I do have are in their place), I’m good to go. If not, I flounder creatively and otherwise …

    • thanks Laurie for sprouting yet another sprout for clarity and simplicity… you have a bed of these lovelies started here:) I do so agree… in practice, I work like my hair is on fire sometimes to even get close to what you describe.

      I once saw a review for a Japanese design book I was interested in. The review says something like “the book is well written and the photographs are beautiful but I can same you the expense of the purchase – just sell all your furniture, get rid of 90% of your stuff and there you have it… Japanese design”

      Now I know this isn’t true because of the way the rooms are used there is a lot more too it than “empty” but it made me laugh just the same… and I bought the book.

  4. I am loving the many natural features and open spaces that surround us here in our new home. We have the energy of the forest and swift water and boulders to draw on and be energized. This is truly sacred space.

    We are looking forward to digging in the soil and having our first vegetable garden in many years. I expect that to be a spiritual path as well.

    • Martha, I look forward to the integration of your new home and your vegetable garden into your creative wonders. Thanks so much for coming by…. I can hardly wait until you dig up your buried treasures.

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