So close to Valentine’s Day, with hearts appearing everywhere, I offer you a view of one of my watercolour paintings from 2001. Today, I’m reading and collecting creative inspiration. I’m reading through blogs on my blog roll. I’m browsing through blogs in my Gaia community. I am picking up pebbles in my tweet stream on Twitter. Today is about me experiencing the pulse of your creativity…

At the heart of things we are all simply human.

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Sprout Question: If your creativity had a pulse, what would be the rhythm of its beat?

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20 thoughts on “Pulse

  1. Let’s see…I think my creative rhythm would be more like a galloping horse…running free and wild and experience everything with the senses along the way. 🙂

    Awesome and thoughtful question as usual Dear Terrill!

  2. i’ve just checked ur blog.. wow supricingly there are lots of sketch.. those are great.. esp this watercolour paintings. yea, as ur blog’s tittle; u’re so creative.. and thank u so much for linking my blog address, i’ll do the same 🙂

    well, my creative rhythm is like wave on the beach.. it will run so fast and slow but u also be able to enjoy it sounds.. hehe i dont know it.. i’m not as creative as u..

    • Wulan I’m glad you came by all the way from Indonesia:) Your Lemon Zest blog is filled with fresh, exciting, unique expression. I always use a outstanding amount of my creative energy when I’m learning new things. The little I know about you (from the glimpses on your blog) tell me that you are learning to sew, working, deciding to move and all that comes with youth. That is a lot of creative energy being used to learn and to live. Yet, your posts and (film) photos have a zing to them that drew me in immediately. Trust that you are as creative as the next person. Trust that your view, your expression is worthy of creation. Keep going. Keep doing. Keep living your vision. You have talent – a natural eye for composition and design – make it work for you.

  3. What a magnificent drawing, Terrill. I felt it down deep in the bones and breasts and stomach.

    If creativity had a pulse it would be a song that each creator loved. For some it would be tango, for others waltz, for others samba. The creative channel would open and close, open and close, like a flute, perhaps. Or the energy would move up and down like the hands on a drum. There would be wild ecstatic movement, followed by moments of silence and regeneration.

    Such wonderful questions!

    • Kathy thank you and I love that we now have a small orchestra of answers to this sprout question. Your contribution is like the wave of conductors wand. We all can understand that we have a part to play in this melody of creating and living of life. I am glad you like the questions:)

  4. Sprout Question: If your creativity had a pulse, what would be the rhythm of its beat?
    It seem there is a rhythm to creativity or vibration as it were, usually affecting the outcome of my work.
    It is ever changing and at times very hard to navigate.

  5. Yikes, mine is like one hand clapping. I usually start with one idea or image, put some music on, and before I know it, I’m through.

    Of course, I’m not an established artist or making money at it……………


    • Coffee Messiah – I seem to remember the question being about creative pulse rather than creative purse… that would be the marketing department:) – as it is ever-so-wonderful when we make money from our creativity. Thanks for sprouting and sharing yet another approach to creativity in action.

  6. It’s an absolutely beautiful watercolor, the combination and density of colors really make that heart appear to be beating.

    Ha! Today’s creativity involved a stop at the local Krause’s Candy establishment for you-know-what?

    • Sam, did you get some of those little red cinnamon hearts? Thank you for your feedback on the watercolour painting… and I’m glad you stopped by. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family – with big red imaginary hearts for each of your young ones – it must be amazing at your house today!

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