Heart and home are frequently connected for me. Home is more than a place of dwelling, more than the place where I eat and where I sleep. Home is where I walk, talk, listen and breathe each day. Home is as much the earth’s surface, its beings, its presence as is any four walls I’ve called my own.

I often, without effort, find heart shapes in nature. This “found heart” image is from my latest photo shoot on Saturna Island, BC, Canada. “Cliff Echo Bay” is dedicated and gifted for use in her work to Laurie Buchanan who guides us to “listen with our heart.”

View and purchase full resolution image here.

On my cyber passage to writing this morning’s post, I went via a feature of Zennie in my on-line community of Gaia where I watched and listened to this Rumi poetry “The Way of the Heart.” I feel it is a perfect piece to include today.

And, as the sun touches down on the white frosted grass in the valley floor, another day begins here on Mayne Island in southwestern British Columbia, Canada.

Sprout Question: What is at the heart of your creativity?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

8 thoughts on “Heart

  1. People make up the heart of what little creativity I can muster. Watching, reading, listening, seeing what others produce drives my creative juices.

    Also, looking in the opposite direction helps me break through. If I’m trying to write something, I’ll go to a museum for inspiration. If I’m trying to frame a photo, I’ll read a poem. It seems the further away I get from what I’m trying to do the better the result.


    • Steve, thank you so much for coming by and providing a sprout to today’s question. I like your mentioning of approaching creativity from an indirect path. I often paint and write interchangeably. The writing somehow taking me into the painting and painting taking me back to the writing again.

  2. so much richness here in your post! The incredible photo with its heart-shape and green waters, the Rumi, the mentions of Zennie and Laurie.

    What is at the heart of my creativity? Lately it’s been the earth. But deeper than even that–I think a sense of awe lies at the heart of it. I am awed by the world, by thoughts, by images. From that awe, creativity births.

  3. Terrill – I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU again for the beautiful photograph — Cliff Echo Bay.

    Sprout Question: What is at the heart of your creativity?

    The heart of my creativity is the same driving force that’s behind everything I do — compassion.

    • Jerry, when I read your sprout I think of all you beautiful line drawings and your collection of self portraits. “Striving towards understanding” yes that is it… and so skillful are your efforts. Thanks for the sprout!

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