The Question of Who

The sea snatches at sandstone mounds as gulls plead their case with the winds – which am I, sea, sandstone, gull or wind?

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Early morning – Flexible and Flowing… one of 64 cards drawn for today.

I can say more but this feels just right.

Sprout Question: Does the question of who come up in your creativity?

Have a wonderful weekend.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

24 thoughts on “The Question of Who

  1. The question of who forms itself in my mind twofold: The negative version: Who am I to try to be successful in art when there are thousands more talented than I? The positive version: I am a creative being connected to source. I am everything. Who am I to stifle my creativity?

    Or something along those lines. Psychologists call the first “negative” version an “ANT”: “Automatic Negative Thoughts”. It’s time for us humans to see those ANTs for what they are and stomp on them before they take over our brains.

    • Jessica great sprout response! I like how you provided both the negative and the positive. I have been imagining you with big rubber boots on and hair flying as you stomp out the “ANT”s. Made me smile and then laugh with pleasure – what a wonderful image. As for me, I think I might just stop feeding my ANTs so they go off looking for tasty offerings elsewhere. Maybe I will give them a brush from the knee of my pants… if I happen to notice. But if they get under my skin, I am for sure going to pull on the rubbers and start stomping in a very wild and frenzied manner… for maybe a minute.

      Dear readers, I have been playing blog hooky today. You see, along with Leanne Dyke (and others) I attended a writers group this morning at Amber Harvey’s. How wonderful to have my online and face-time worlds become integrated even for a short while today.

      I won’t bore you with all the writer things we spoke about. I mean who might want to talk to Leanne about query letters, log lines and synopsis for publication submissions? Oh, you would. Well, feel free to follow up with Leanne by sending an old fashion email or commenting on her blog. While you are there, check out her most recent book Maynely a Mystery. And I don’t suppose anyone is interested in mysteries for 9-11 year olds? Oh, you have a nephew, and you have granddaughter and you have two children that age. Well by all means, look Amber up and see if Mayne Island Aliens and Magda’s Mayne Island Mystery might make the most perfect Easter or birthday gift.

      So that part of the day was important writer stuff, right? It was after that I became truly truant by going with my sweetie to island pub restaurant for a let lunch and (ekuuhummm) – a beverage while we looked out onto active pass enjoying the most exquisite view. But now we are back on track and it IS Friday afternoon on the west cost of Canada after all!

      • Thanks for your synopsis of our writing group, Terrill. I think the laughter is as important to me as the “serious” business of writing. After, isn’t it in laughter that we are truly in unison with life? Laughter is good for us! I think so. See more about this subject at And that’s why I think your “truancy” with your sweetie is about love and love is what it’s all about, so lose yourself in your love and never apologize for indulging in it.
        Thanks for mentioning my books. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them.

        • Oh yes Amber… that link about humour and laughter hits the spot, as it did in our getting together. I am looking forward to reading your books and thank you for your wise words about losing ourselves in love. I thought of this as we went off for breakfast and then haircuts – taking most of Saturday morning just being in our little community. Now, with the Saturday edition Globe and Mail (one of Canada’s national newspapers) Sunday is looking like more “us time”as well.

  2. Ooooh! What a great question.

    “Who challenges me to be creative?”
    (I should spend time around these people)

    “Who appreciates and is open to my creativity?”
    (I should spend more time around these people)

    “Who is most disappointed when I am not being creative?”
    (Me, with my students coming in a close second)

    • Great sprout comment Josie… Yeah… that is one of my majour motivators for Creative Potager – to spend time around and with creative people. IEEEEHHH! it makes my heart sing and my feet do a little dance. May you have the most creative Friday ever! Thanks as always for stopping by:)

  3. “Who? you ask
    You! I say playfully
    That’s the first answer, and it sprouts into:

    Nowadays, since I’m creatively flowing into The Gaia Minute* network, [ ], ways in which to creatively find the ‘who’s who have felt the call of Gaia, are cropping up in my mind.
    I loved the follow on comments [hi Jessica and Laurie and pleased to meet you all], and specially of your writer’s tips!

    • Meenakshi… I am smiling deeply seeing your comment here. How wonderful! Yes, I have had several people tell me that they enjoy reading the comments as much as the posts. Which reminds me, thank you for leaving the new ning link for The Gaia Minute.

      There are always so many great things to share amongst Creative Potager readers (over 6,500 since its 1st day December 27, 2009). I encourage on-topic link sharing as it is what we do in community. We are always saying things like “oh did you hear about” or “I was just at such and such and the whatever was outstanding” Besides it is why we have a potager for Creativity:)

  4. I LOVE the Power Thought deck, and pulled ‘I turn every experience into an opportunity’ and so it is.. 🙂

    Who in Creativity? Yes, I find Mother Nature plays the most important role, beyond self, that is.. As do you, and your Beautiful ability to connect! Many thanks, again, Lovely Terrill!

    • Well I’ll be! I didn’t see the heart Chris until you pointed it out. Heart shapes seem to show up in my photographs all the time and even in photographs that have me in them but I didn’t take. Maybe it is just a common shape out there that we notice. Thanks for you sprout response Chris… I can see how you are the sea and sky in your work.

  5. The question of “who”! This is a good one, Terrill. I love watching to see which “who” will appear in my writing. Will it be the rock, the sun, the tree? Which “who” wants to share its truth? You say the word “I” but that I can come from anyone. It can be the dandelion, the man next door, the moon speaking.

    My challenge is after-the-fact. Not to then claim that it was “me” who was writing. To let the moon have her say, and then to back away gracefully, bowing deeply, neither attaching nor pushing away.

    Thank you, as always!

  6. The question of “who” does indeed come to the fore quite often. “Who” will look at my writing, and what will be the position taken on my own summary judgement. It’s an integral part of the writing process, and it’s always helpful to have some kind of an idea how people will feel.

    Again, a gorgeous photo there in high resolution.

    • Ah yes Sam… you pose a bloggers “who” for sure. I too find it integral to the writing process. I seldom write my posts in advance. Most often, they are written and then posted because I like the freshness of making my written words appear and feel as if I am right there in a conversation with you. Glad you enjoyed the photo Sam and thanks for stopping in.

  7. The question of who comes up in my writing and in my acting. Who is this character I am creating on the stage or on the page? What are his motivations, mentally and emotionally? What are his connectioons to this world, how can I relate to him as a man in my twenties? Is he who I am or who I want to be or simply someone I’m familiar with? In what ways can express who he is in non-communicative ways? How can I use clothes or personal items to express further who he is without added words? Whenever I sit down to write or I begin workshops, I do the same thing I do when doing research for a paper in class, I use the five W’s of journalism (Who, What, When, Where, Why) over and over until I feel I have dug as far as is possible.

    • Joseph thank you for your thoughtful and inspiring post. I admire the effort that actors put in to be able to “be” someone else and for us to be able to experience the person they are being. Nice addition adding the other four W’s:)

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