Baby O

We have, as many of you know, many children. We also had a few weddings this past summer. One of these weddings has resulted in what used to be a common place event – the arrival of a bump.

With only a simple request, I was able to talk this lovely young woman into a photo shoot to capture these early days of the development of baby O.

In silhouette.

By the water.

Next the rocks with her natural blonde streak more pronounced than usual.

And just hanging out at the beach.

These photos were then sent to the soon-t0-be dad’s parents who are far away.  The due date for baby O is March 4th but we all know babies are born when they are ready.

There are many reasons why I might hesitate to post this time of wonder and celebration. However, I feel compelled to push forward anyway. I am happy to share with you, that I am looking forward to being a grandmother again.

Sprout Question: What sprouts new life into your creativity?

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23 thoughts on “Baby O

  1. Terrill – CONGRATULATIONS all the way around. Oh, how exciting! And the photographs are spectacular. The other set of grandparents are going to love them.

    Sprout Question: What sprouts new life into your creativity?

    Funny you should ask that question. Just yesterday, the woman I’m working with at UW-Madison Writer’s Institute on my manuscript (coach, critique, editor) threw down a challenge in one of the chapters. Oh boy, howdy. Did that ever spark new life in my creativity!

    • Thank you Laurie and you are right the other grandparents were thrilled to get the photographs. I can see your manuscript will be polished to a resonance that will leave it visible on the world stage. I think I am gosling in the first one hundred who are lined up and waiting for its release.

  2. How sweet! What a beautiful way to honor the blossoming of MotherHood!
    To think in the not to far away past women were almost hidden away when with child, now it is celebrated from the first moments!

    What sprouts new life in to my creativity? Clarity of mind and spirit, but usually first a time of “darkness” of emptiness, or creative block even.

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Yes Jeff this is so true. When I was visiting Josie, one woman talked abut how she just missed the time when it became “okay” to show the round shape of her pregnant belly. That was not that many years ago. Your sprout Jeff reminds me of the pending winter and how our creativity sometimes needs these times of rest and rebirth.

  3. Beautiful photos Terrill that will become important treasured keepsakes. They are full of the wonder of life and potential – very moving, thank you for deciding to share them with us. Congratulations on being a grandmother to be again.

    Kat X

  4. Terrill, this is a precious photography session; and a privilege to see this blossoming – on those seen in the photo, and those unseen. Not least the beautiful woman behind the camera who shares so graciously.


    What sprouts new life into your creativity?
    Emotion. That’s what I’m learning after all these years of living!

  5. Congratulations Terrill on your newest report. There is really little you can post to match the joy that such an event will inspire. So first the wedding photos and soon after the fantastic news. Best Wishes to Josie!

    The spark of interest in anything is what leads to motivation and finally to creativity. It’s hard to say how or when the spark ignites, but when it happens, the need to create something is pretty much overwhelming.

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