Visiting Baby O

Sunday at 8:15 am I was on the ferry to Swartz Bay. By 10:30 am I greeted my daughter and her husband at their home in Mill Bay. I was just in time for a waffle brunch.

My mom and dad, each of my children and me each have one of these cast iron antique stovetop waffle irons. They were designed for using on top of a wood cook stove but we use them on any heat source.

They make the best waffles.

Afterwards we went on a hike in Maple Bay.

Baby O has had quite the adventures before entering the world from long hikes, rock climbing, cycling, kayaking and snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico. I will laugh very hard if once here, we are introduced to a couch potato who says… “Oh, been there done that!” to all outdoor activity.

Leaning on a beautiful arbutus Josie is her usual relaxed and happy self.

I am particularly fond of this black and white.


Baby O is 22 weeks or about half way to time of birth.


Sprout question: What creative subject has your attention today?


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24 thoughts on “Visiting Baby O

  1. Terrill – Oh these photographs are treasures! My favorite is the black/white one of Josie at the end. My second favorite is the color version of the same photo.

    Sprout question: What creative subject has your attention today?


    • The black and white one at the end is my favourite too Laurie. I almost posted just that one but decided readers would enjoy being brought along on the visit too. And feathers… someone is moving energy around I bet. Nothing like a good feather brushing. Or do you have something else in mind?

  2. Beautiful pics of Josie, Terrill!

    The cast iron waffle iron reminded me that I have one, too! It has been in storage since the last move, but you inspired me to bring it back into use. Ahhh… the memories a simple cooking item can evoke!

    The creative subject that has my attention today and probably for the next while, is the analyzing and defining of my own personal style. Started out as a fashion/closet cleaning thing, but has entered into some interesting spaces of color, texture, and personal introspection.

    • I forgot that you had one too Sue and so does our brother Mike come to think about it. Sometimes when I am really missing everyone on a Sunday morning I make waffles for just David and me. Each time I tell him what everyone would usually have on their waffle with our mom’s creation being the best part of the story.

      Dear readers, our mom starts with her plain waffle which is made by our dad. She adds butter, then peanut butter, maybe a bit of homemade raspberry jam, topped with a fried egg, a piece of cheddar cheese to finally be smothered in her homemade brown sugar syrup. She only has one 🙂

      Sue I will be curious to see what you decide is your own personal style these days. I have decided that mine might be a variation on a monk’s wardrobe. Right now I have some of the most comfortable soft pants and shirts in muted colours that I wash and wear each week. I do have dress clothes to pull out when necessary but mostly, I am completely happy in these no-nonsense practical and comfortable articles of clothing. They are not particularly sexy or even sensual to the viewer but they feel ever-so-good to me. I figure my relaxed and happy smile will have to make up for my lack of fashion statement.

  3. Well let me first say that the post title immediately got my attention! Glad Baby O is having such lovely adventures. His/her mom looks happy and healthy. Beautiful pictures too.

    We have many of the old cast iron pieces handed down through the family. I don’t have a stove top waffle iron, though.

    The creative subject that has my attention today are some antique books, one of them over a hundred years old. I am scanning some of the images for collage, thinking of all the beautiful possibilities.

    • If you like good cast iron Martha (not the new stuff with false finishes or lack of polished smoothness on the inside) then keep your eye out for one of these waffle irons. Josie makes a very healthy wholewheat blend that is delicious.

      Readers, cast iron is not for a smooth topped stove but other than that it provides the most even cooking surfaces I know of. The items need to be washed immediately after use with only hot water, though I sometimes use soap… Gasp! Make sure to dry thoroughly and season with oil if using again soon. If not wait to add oil until using as it can go rancid. Most second hand stores have a few frying pans for less than $10.00 which is a good place to start your collection. Make sure the inside of the pan is smooth. Don’t worry if it is seasoned properly. That is easy enough to do.

      Why use cast iron? I was once told a story about a man who killed his parrot because he cooked its dinner in an artificially finished frying pan. The chemicals that were released by the pan killed the parrot. He then learned that parrots must have their meals prepared in only cast iron. Myth or fact, that was good enough for me. Not one funny finished pot or pan in my kitchen. Stainless steel and cast iron only.

      Martha I was by your blog post “New Studio Project” yesterday and saw some of the images you were scanning. Very interesting! I am looking forward to what becomes of them. I also keep thinking about the five images for your commissioned pieces and how they looked in that incredible bedroom. So nice to see our work in their new homes.

  4. Oh my Aunt Betty had one of those waffle makers…they are good ones. I bet it went to Australia with that kiddo?

    Baby on the way…how fun – that would be funny to get a couch potato

    Lovely photographs…beautiful

    I am wondering why I am messing up or all the folks around me are messing up right now…I just went to a hair cut appt. and they said I was an hour late…and I said, well maybe I am early for the other appointment next Tuesday and your phone mail is full so I could not call you and find out…now my appt. in next Wednesday at noon….this is not just one isolated incident…nearly everyone.Needing creative thinking to figure this out

  5. AWWWWWW…. great photos of your daughter..
    can’t wait to see the baby..

    Sprout question: What creative subject has your attention today?

    in photography, at this present i really love candid shots of any object,, seem so natural..
    but i have to set in high speed to make the object frozen..

    • Wulan it will be awhile yet… due date is March 4th. Have fun with the action shots. I had some practice with trying to freeze action when I was shooting my grandson playing hockey… birds are easier – there is no glass in the way:)

  6. Terrific photos! And I do love that black and white version of the color picture. It always aspecial treat to get to know those closest in your life, and the very best to Josie during the stretch run!

    I plan to immerse myself in some opera this afternoon, and then later tonight a theatrical presentation based on the cinema classic THRONE OF BLOOD by Akira Kurosawa.

    • As the father of five children Sam I am laughing at your knowledge of “the stretch run.” Like true loving mother, I have mention little about the extensive transformations of a woman’s body during the last trimester of pregnancy. I will keep my eyes open for your review of the opera.

    • Richard I took a moment and went over to your blog to watch the cool video you did about using your antique waffle iron. Yes most you can use an electric stove as long as you have the support ring to hold the waffle iron. The stove top does heat up so be careful. Not all designs fit on all electric stoves though so your butane stove is a great alternative (we have one too for when the power goes out). These waffle irons were designed for wood cook stoves which I have but I haven’t tried making waffles on it yet. I think they would have a lovely additional flavour from being cooked over the fire. Thanks for commenting Richard and good luck with your waffles!

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