Baby O arrives in about six weeks

Baby O is due March 4, 2011 but we all know that babies mostly arrive when they are ready. Saturday I caught the 7:45 am ferry to Swartz Bay and drove up Vancouver Island to Mill Bay where my daughter and her husband live. Josie was celebrating her thirtieth birthday with munchies and cake in the party room at the Duncan recreational pool. Everyone brought swim suits. Great fun! I liked the lazy river and the wave pool best.

While I was there we also did a photo shoot. So now I can update you with some new images on the progress of Baby O. We went to some of the same places that I took some of the first photographs at the end of September if you want to compare. Plus, there is another Baby O post from early November that you can have a look at as well.


Josie has been fortunate in that she has been healthy and active throughout her pregnancy. The day I arrived she went kayaking to referee a water polo game in the bay. A few days before that she was out on a rugged 7 km hike.

What was really amazing about taking these photographs was how different Josie’s belly looks in each image. Just so you know. These images were taken back to back on the same day.

Though the day was heavy with cloud and mist it had its own magic.

We visited as we walked and stopped to take photographs. One of my goals was to capture Josie in her natural environment doing everyday things that she enjoys. Which is hard to do because she enjoys so much! Teaching physics, cooking, hiking, kayaking just to name a few favourite activities.

Both the expecting mom and dad are prepared and excited about the coming adventure with Baby O. Oh! And so are the grandparents!

Sprout question: What are you waiting to be delivered?

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18 thoughts on “Baby O arrives in about six weeks

  1. Fabulous pictures Terrill!!You really are a Creatrix!!

    Josie & Babe are so AWESOME!! In one photo I see Her Hugging Her Mom.


    I am delivering Myself into The Vortex Of Joy, Aliveness, Imagination & LOVE& Happy ever After as I prepare for my Imminent Arrival to vacation in Hawaii!



  2. Terrill – Josie looks FANTASTIC! Utterly FANTASTIC! All of the images are wonderful, but my most favorite is the first. It’s absolutely stunning!

    Sprout question: What are you waiting to be delivered?

    Quite literally I’m waiting for UPS to deliver a coffee table book of photographs we had made of our favorite photos that Len and/or I took in 2010.

  3. You’re right her belly does look so different in each photo. What a wonderful keepsake you’ve created.
    What am I waiting for? A whole mess of things. Important dates fill the beautiful calendar a friend gave me for Christmas, Terrill. I’m doing all of this waiting while still holding on to each precious “now” moment.

  4. Lovely pictures and surrounding – makes it a memory book post. Nice to have a referral back to the early days also.

    Nice everything is going well and all that exercise is important.

    I am hoping for a delivery of some great health and financial well being. I have life with my grand puppy already!

  5. these are great! wish we coulda been there. i have been battling the flu for over a week now. it’s really horrible and i don’t feel quite human anymore. thankfully i have something to keep me going here! thanks for the pics. we are looking forward to the baby coming!

  6. Wonderful photos! You are a trooper when it comes to your family Terrill, and I salute you, and I am of that same fabric! As always, I appreciate teh personalized touch here, and your delightful embellishments! Best Wishes to Josie on her March miracle to come! It’s almost celebration time.

    Right now I’m waiting for a DVD delivery!!! LOL!!!!!!!

    • Sam I think being a parent is one of the most important things I have done with my life. My children have never been demanding so it is easy to do thing for them just because I love them. They are the same with me. We are lucky and we know it. I will pass your wishes on to Josie.

      More DVDs Sam! :)))) Have a great weekend!

  7. Josie is beautiful and the photographer captured the mother-to-be wonderfully! I’ll bet you are waiting excitedly for Baby O. My March baby will celebrate his 29th birthday on the 13th. We’ll be traveling out to San Diego to see him…by then, you’ll be holding Baby O in your loving arms!

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