Flowering Blue

Sometimes I am just attracted to whatever catches my attention in the garden. On this day it is blue flowers. 

Little blue forget-me-nots.


Small blue flowering bulbs whose name I don’t remember.


And the grandest of blue flowers – the hyacinth.  

Sprout question: If you were a blue flower which one would you like to be?

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FromMayne Island,British Columbia,Canada

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19 thoughts on “Flowering Blue

  1. Terrill – I’m currently riding shotgun so I have the opportunity to look at it on iPhone. And even on that wee little screen the photos are gorgeous!

    Sprout question: If you were a blue flower which one would you like to be?

    Defininitely the little blue forget-me-nots.

    (Now, let’s see if I’m clever enough to tweet this from my phone. I betcha a dollar to a donut that I can)!

    • So Laurie, when we see this big head bobbing along out the window as Len is picking up speed past the donut shop we can blame it on your social connectivity. I hope you still have your seatbelt on. Wouldn’t want you to become airborne. We’d have to pick you out of a field over here on Mayne Island. Someone might ask what happened. I’d have to say… oh that is just Laurie. She tweeted in the car.

      • Kim & Terrill – You gals crack me up!

        Okay, we’re switching drivers so I’m offline for the next 2 hours, or so. (It will be “or so” if Len falls asleep and I have the energy to keep on truckin’). Right now I’m full of it — energy, that is 🙂

  2. Splendiferous – the blues have my vote rite now too Terrill. I’ve been drinking in blue for weeks now and I’m not a ‘blue’ person. Usually I go more for the hot colors, but blue it is at least for now. Possibly it is because that’s the prolific vibe in nature at the moment and it is calling to me.

    If I were a blue flower I’d most definately be an Iris. I know, I know, you’re thinking, ‘but aren’t irises more purple than blue’? Welllllllllll sometimes, but I’ve seen some darn gorgeous midnight blue (hinging on deep purple) irises in my day:) At any rate Iris it is and that’s my final answer!

    • Final answer accepted Alison! I am noticing that blue really shines with some of those hot colours. So maybe your blue is just adding to the brilliance of what is already vibrant. Whatever it is Alison, I wish you much joy and discovery while the blues hold your attention.

  3. Lovely Blue pictures…my one daughter gave all her friends and our neighbors packets of forget me not seeds when she left for college – I thought it was a lovely idea and some years they bloom like crazy and some years we hardly see a one ( like this year)

    We have some lovely blue – like tiny daisies that I am told are from Kormes/ Corms? or a form of anemone – I have a bowl of them near the front door. One neighbor has them cascading down his rockery near the roses in his front yard – this year they are spectacular and dainty!

    • What a great idea your daughter had Patricia. With all the times I have moved that exchange could have come in handy. I remember a blue/purplish Japanese anemone I used to have at Pedder Bay. It was there long before I lived there so I had to ask someone what it was. Beautiful plant. Thanks so much for dropping by Patricia.

  4. Hi Terrill et al,

    I think the small blue flowering bulbs whose name you don’t remember are scillas. At any rate they are all wonderful, especially at this renewing time of year when we are so tired of the cold that prevents us from smelling the fragrant earth and all her bounty.

    If I were to be a blue flower, I would most definitely be a blue hydrangea. Yes, they have big flower heads and I’m certainly not suggesting that I would be that large of a specimen; just a small one would do…

    • Maxine welcome to Creative Potager! I have just taken a quick browse through your blog “Jolico Farm” with its solar power and organic gardening and bee picture by The Girl Who Paints. From the snow and storm that took down the gazebo to the retirement of Judge Cook all the way to stories about Mimi and Moses I enjoyed – like tasting raspberry jam on homemade toast on a winter morning while sitting by the wood stove. Now are you sure Maxine you want to be just a small blue hydrangea? There is lots of room to be large and luscious on Creative Potager.

      • Terrill, I’m thrilled you enjoyed your virtual visit to Jolico Farm in Somerset PA! The Girl Who Paints lives in Minnesota. I hope she will share more of her paintings with me so that I can post them on the blog. She is only 11 years old, but has a large Earth consciousness. I will ask the next time we speak, what blue flower she would choose for herself. She loves questions like that!

        I planted a new blue hydrangea bush yesterday and am hoping it doesn’t freeze out so, yes, I think for now I would settle for one small blue hydrangea blossom. I hope you don’t mind that I added Creativepotager’s Blog to the list of links on http://jolicofarm.blogspot.com . I know my readers will love your blog as I do. I think you and I have a lot in common.

        • I don’t mind at all Maxine that you added me to your list of links. I must update mine soon as well. I am sorry I have taken awhile to respond. Your comment got stuck in my spam folder which doesn’t very often pick legitimate comments. But everyone once in a long while it happens.

  5. Beautiful blue flowers you have found. I don’t know which I would be. Yet there is a little blue flower that I have photographed that I come across on my walks, I think I would be it. I have forgotten the name.

    • Jeff I can only about half the time remember the names of anything beyond the common flowers too. But I know precisely where they boom and will go back year after year at the time they should be shining.

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