Early November afternoon by the sea

I wasn’t going to take a photograph. I was just going to sit and enjoy the fine November light on the water, the call of the seagulls on the rocks and an eagle sitting overhead in a tree. I rolled down the window of my old ford pickup inhaling deeply. Saltwater, damp seaweed and snow someplace in the distant mountains obscured by cloud cover.

Then I said, “Well maybe I will just wander a bit on the shore. Oh I guess I might as well take the camera.”

As I gently closed the door of “Miss Prissy” I must admit to still denying I was going to take a photograph.

“I have so many photographs of this beach” I told myself.

But none are exactly like this one.

(image may be purchased HERE)

Sprout Question: What resent resistance has led to a win for your creative desire?

Remember this Sunday is the third and final Salish Sea Sunday Savings event for this year. Have a read of the Third Thursday Teaser posted yesterday for the details.

And second reminder…. If it applies to you – it is also the week we go back to Standard Time.

Best of the weekend everyone!

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26 thoughts on “Early November afternoon by the sea

  1. Beautiful picture, Terrill. I love how the rocks seem to led, like a bread crumb trail, to the horizon.
    To answer…um…first some backstory. My parents walked through the depression, eyes to the future. They instilled in me–or at least tried–frugality. Each time I do I feel like I’ve won.
    This morning this desire led me develop a new pattern. …and my muse smiles.

  2. lovely photograph – thank you for taking the picture

    I am not sure I can think of a resistance reset…except I just gave up all the medications I was taking and ignored the warnings and went back to walking the whole three miles everyday…I am feeling better by steps, but better…. It is so hard to get out of bed still, and maybe that I reset my force drive to just get up and go walking is closer?

    Zip now…we were to give him a once a month flea pill before he goes to the Kennel during my wee trip away to San Francisco for US Thanksgiving….first he would not eat his breakfast with the pill tucked inside ( usually snarf-blasts it) and then he spent the next hour of the morning throwing it up…on the bathroom rugs and in his crate….hmm mm he has had it before with no problem…I think he just was in a resistance mood?

    You lovely beach shot just took all those messy thoughts right away…need to go back and study it.
    Resistance sometimes abounds in me….

    • I am hold the possibility with you Patrica that you will be able to take your trip and will be in good health to enjoy it! This beach photograph may make a great meditation or quiet sitting time to enhance your intention… if you like 🙂

  3. Terrill –

    I’m so glad you grabbed your camera and captured this restful moment in time.

    Sprout Question: What recent resistance has led to a win for your creative desire?

    You’ll actually get to see and read it this coming Tuesday. I don’t think I’ve ever (at least not in my memory) used someone else’s photograph in my blog posts. Not because I’m an exceptional photographer – simply as a matter of practice. However, with permission from both the photographer and the subject, I’m going to share it on Tuesday with a brief story behind it. I burst into happy tears the first time I saw it — it touched me so deeply — and I just knew I had to ask.

  4. That long thinned out bit of clouds makes a second horizon line, which is what I think makes this image especially interesting. The eye is led there directly from the rocks and only then do you look down.

    Thank you for this afternoon beauty.

  5. I must say Terrill I am really loving that new camera equipment you got. Your shots keep getting better and better. This one is indeed stellar.

    As for what I had been resisting? I was reticent to say “yes” when a dear friend asked if I’d host the Archangles for 5 days. HUH? Ahhhhhhhhhh, WHAT? Ohhhhhhhhhh cummon now, that’s a bit woowoo even for me. But, she has been a good friend since high school, and she is a yoga teacher, and it was her daughter who funneled this quirky “thing” to her, and onto me, and so i said yes.

    Well, let me just say THIS about THAT. . . . it was a fabulous 5 days. Not only did I realize a wonderful lightness in my home but the “wishes” I made upon the arrival of the angels started coming true almost immediatly.

    I’d been wanting to get back to my fiber art and yet I was fearing it would not be lucrative enough to warrent me putting much energy into it. Two morniings ago I woke up knowing I had to take a few of the already made pieces to a localshop. The owner took a couple pieces saying that she felt it best that I take the rest to a differnt place, and gave me the address.

    Low and behold when I walked in the door of shop #2 there sat a beautiful 4 foot angel on the counter, with 6 or so other statues of angels in various places around the shop. I knew I was in the right place. The shop owner is an ex gallery owner and immediately upon seeing my wares knew I had an eye for color and ordered 20 new pieces, 10 for each of her two shops.

    So, ya, if someone invites you to host the Archangels just say THANK YOU and open to receive.

  6. I wish I had had your picture for my biking architect post today…the plastic bag is hard to see!
    But it is a good post http://www.bikingarchitect.com/walking-the-green/

    I thought I would share it…..I just read that 1 million plastic bags leave stores in the USA every hour and that there are enough plastic bags in the ocean to match the size of Texas…this was from a whole new source…so some of us host archangels and others of us find plastic bags…hmmm

    good sharing.

    • Thanks Patricia. Plastic bags. Like you I have been using cloth bags for a long time. But I haven’t got those little net bags yet for produce. I think they are the greatest thing. I still use ziplock bags once the cheese has been opened as well. But we are down to one garbage bag every six to eight weeks. I am happy with that. Recycling on the island is superb. Thanks for leaving the link Patricia! Always more to think about and things we can do once we give it some thought.

      • I was having trouble finding more of the net bags for produce and when my mum died, I raided her net bags for washing sweaters and lingerie – I had enough to share with the girls and they are great for potatoes and cabbages, etc. and they wash well when they get dirty!

        with composting we rarely have more than one bag of garbage per month too – it makes me feel rather proud….now our recycle can could be emptied more often than 2 times a month and it is big….I am working on not getting any junk mail in my mail box, but I am still filling up the cart.

  7. How many times I have walked with the dogs and the camera, saying is there anything else to take out here in this little wood of mine…. sometimes not, but usually if I get out of my own way, the light shines just the right way or the leaves shimmer in the breeze, nature is full of possibilities.

    Beautiful shot, wonderful perspective, from hard to soft, from terra to clouds!

  8. Nice. Another day, a different time, a different intention, same beach, different mood, different pic.

    Wow the sprouts are getting harder or I’m getting senile. I can’t think of a recent creative resistance that lead to a triumphant ending like yours. I’m probably resisted and kept it at that!

    • Thanks Pea… oh every once in awhile I think I make the “sprouty” particularly challenging because it helps us to break out of our usual way of resolving problems. So your sanity is likely still intact 🙂 I think we most often do remain true to our resistance so your answer is likely true to your usual experience. But next time… you are not going to be so lucky because this sprout question will be lurking to urge you on….

  9. More physical beauty, this one with a seeming elegiac undercurreant. But how gorgeous.

    I resisted writing a conventional piece on the musical SHOW BOAT, instead opting for a feighed interview with a person who never existed, and the results came out better than I expected.

    • By this do you mean sorrowful Sam? If so this is something that I think is an undercurrent in much of my work but not something that surfaces when I am doing – either photography or painting. You must be close to finished the musical extravaganza you have been doing for what seems months now – to readers at Wonders in the Dark delight with the collection of reviews I might add.

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