Holding the Sea

The rain is steady this morning and the forecast is the same for at least the next five days. I have woke early, very early – 4:30 am to be exact. I have decided something. I have decided to shift my creative routine.  Change it up if you will. Oh you might not notice to much of a difference as there is always something percolating to share. But I will notice the difference in my work flow. It feels a little like this photograph of the sea – holding.

before it rushes forward with a recognizable pounding rhythm.

(image available on my new pro smugmug gallery HERE

I want to step back and look at my adventure from the cliff-side of my creativity.

I want to sing to the sea of its flow while I organize, file and scrub the vessel that holds my daily works and my place of eating and sleeping.

Then I will be renewed to begin again with fresh eyes and replenished spirit.

It is time. Could it be spring?


SPROUT: What are the your notable signals your recognize that time you it is time to shift your creative flow. 


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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10 thoughts on “Holding the Sea

  1. Beautiful photography, Terrill. I especially like the 3rd. To me, it looks like Ireland or prehaps Scotland, but I think it just may be our beloved Mayne Island.
    There is a steady tatoo that beats within my mind, “Dance with yarn, dance with word. Dance, dance, dance.” It fun and I love it but I have to live my life as well as create. : )

    • Tis so true Leanne about living your life as well as creating it. Nicely put. These photographs are actually from some time I recently spent in Victoria. We went down to Dallas Road while the surf was high.

  2. Terrill – That faint hint of aquamarine held captive in the first photo’s curved wave caught my attention. I held my breath through the rest of the beautiful shots — waiting, hoping — and released it in tremendous pleasure with the last shot — a full tube of aquamarine.

    Part of my growing up years were spent on the San Diego coastline. We’d wait for a breaker to create a tunnel (tube) as it curves over, and ride in it for as long as we could.

    Back in the day we’d say, “That was tubular!” Today they’d say, “Gnarly, Dude!” for the same thing. Either way you slice it, that’s a fantastic shot.

    • Thank Laurie and we do not often get those tubular wave experiences here on the inside passage Coastline but the last couple of weeks have see more grand surf than usual. I love it actually! That whuuuuissssh!!! when a wave unfolds over the shore just sends shivers through me.

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  4. More gorgeous photos. Yes spring is here in these parts, but your evidence seems to indicate you are in an atmospheric limbo.

    When you feel you are at an impasse it is surely time to re-direct.

    • Redirection is always good I think when facing that feeling of “what now?” I am one for always going through whatever door opens the easiest as long as there is no harm to self or others. This qualification is due to ease of which doors to addictions of any sort can open easily. So these are not the doors to creativity I am speaking of – but rather the doors that offer much deeply needed resilience and gratification.

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