In the Rain at Cattle Point Victoria B.C.

With much harder rock formations than the sandstone found on Mayne Island, this urban seascape in the rain caught my attention yesterday when we were in Victoria. The clouds are low and soft rain is falling but the mid-day sun is pushing through a gentle light from above.  Last evening’s high winds have passed and this heavy peace remains sprawled over the point.

(image available for purchase HERE

As the name of this park suggests, this point was historically used to unload cattle for upland farms on Vancouver Island.

And an update on

Spring Studio Sale – Art is not ART until it is SOLD

As far as I know Sam Juliano from Wonders in the Dark did not win the big 500 million U.S. lottery last night so at the time of this posting all five paintings are still available for purchase. Thank you everyone who has shared the link to my spring studio event and for your kind words and interest in these paintings. There is still the better part of five days left and still time to decide or share the link with someone else you think might be interest.


All the best of Friday everyone! I see the sun poking through here in the Mayne Island quiet so sending a little your way.


SPROUT: What was the last rainy day moment that captured your creative energy? 


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9 thoughts on “In the Rain at Cattle Point Victoria B.C.

  1. I wrote on Facebook my comment because for some reason I am signed in on the wrong account here and unable to change it right now??? See if I can get IT girl to help me on this one

    • Well either-or and both work for me Patricia. Sorry to hear about the technical challenges. They do keep life interesting and most frustrating at times. Thank you as always for your support and kind words.

  2. Terrill – I’m enjoying the oh-so-subtle colors in the photograph. And I’m pretty sure that if Sam had won the lottery, we’d have heard him hootin’ and hollerin’!

    SPROUT: What was the last rainy day moment that captured your creative energy?

    Any and all non-client, rainy days are my favorite for writing. The rainier, the better! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • May it rain on your non-client days Laurie as I know full-well that writing is one of your greatest passions and you shall be very happy snuggled into that sparsely clad room with quill in hand – or rather fingers on the keyboard.

  3. It’s fun travelling with you, Terrill.
    To answer, that would be today. Although it’s not raining it’s certainly overcast enough for my muse.
    I’m not sure how your last post escaped my attention, but I will share your link on Twitter.

    • Thank you very much Leanne! These things happen I appreciate you catching the Studio event this time around. It is most appreciated and such a big part of being able to host these online Studio adventures.

  4. Alas Terrill, I came up empty in those lottery aspirations! But yes, that does certainly open the door for your paintings again, and they would be a wonderful addition for Easter.

    Rainy weather brings a subdued almost melancholy mood, which does inspire some creative reflection, methinks.

    • Well Sam, someday the painting and your pocket book will come up with a match lottery or no lottery. You will have waited long and chosen well and it will find its proper place with the DVDs, CDs and books. In this I have faith. I have seen it so many times over the years not to believe that someday this will be possible for you.

      Rainy weather with a light dusting of melancholy always leaves me inspired 🙂

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