In the Rain at Cattle Point Victoria B.C.

With much harder rock formations than the sandstone found on Mayne Island, this urban seascape in the rain caught my attention yesterday when we were in Victoria. The clouds are low and soft rain is falling but the mid-day sun is pushing through a gentle light from above.  Last evening’s high winds have passed and this heavy peace remains sprawled over the point.

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As the name of this park suggests, this point was historically used to unload cattle for upland farms on Vancouver Island.

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Spring Studio Sale – Art is not ART until it is SOLD

As far as I know Sam Juliano from Wonders in the Dark did not win the big 500 million U.S. lottery last night so at the time of this posting all five paintings are still available for purchase. Thank you everyone who has shared the link to my spring studio event and for your kind words and interest in these paintings. There is still the better part of five days left and still time to decide or share the link with someone else you think might be interest.


All the best of Friday everyone! I see the sun poking through here in the Mayne Island quiet so sending a little your way.


SPROUT: What was the last rainy day moment that captured your creative energy? 


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