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Themes often emerge when an artist is painting that then become conscious explorations. Such is the case with my latest series of paintings “Squared to the Sea” which began to appear a little over a year ago. The series is likely not finished as I still have some square canvas in the studio. I will add new ones over time as they are completed. Yet it seemed like time to introduce the work as group.

The square is a challenging composition to bring to life with intrigue and interest. I have been drawn to the challenge and the idea and with my ongoing love of the sea it seemed like a worthy exploration. The following paintings are organized in a pleasing visual order for your viewing pleasure. Please note, as is often the case before I can present a series,  some of these paintings are already part of private collections…

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  1. I am really ravishing by this collection, and particularly by “Orange Sea,” “Orcas in Evening” and “Romancing Summer by the Sea.” Yes there are a number of themes in this collection, and they are only unified by the creation of beauty by this surest of hands. I’m assuming an exhibit of this series is forthcoming and rightly so!

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