An Evening on Brown Ridge Saturna Island

Oh it seems like forever since I have checked in! Paintings and photography prints have sold. I am part of a new project for an online One Day Only – Artist Studio Floor Show, August 31, 2012. New paintings are completed and the summer is flying by. But, before I update you on these aspects over the next few days, lets just settle in and enjoy the end of a fine day on Brown Ridge Saturna Island.

Nice deep breath and long exhale. Okay, now we are ready….

Pull up a seat on the grass with us while the light is getting low in the western sky.

Yes, pajamas and house coat are just fine. Bring your blanket too as the air cools quickly with this vast open view. Look at the container ship picking up steam on its way through the islands to the open sea. I wonder where it is going?

What is that munching and grunting noise? Do you hear it? I wonder, could it be the feral goats that live on the ridge? Well we will have to get now and walk over the edge of the steep grassy slop and have a look. Yes there they are! Right below us with the sea in the background.

And look at this smelly little cutie. The mammas and babies were farther off. These fellows were obviously having a bachelor party.

Well here is a bit of pink showing up in the sky but it won’t be much of a sunset tonight.

The birds are getting quiet and the air is still – not even a summer breeze coming up the cliffside. Such a view! Darkness starts to seep into the corners.

Lights from the distant cities come into view and the July half-moon get brighter in the night sky.

We make a wish on the first stars that we see. We find the big dipper and we sit in the quiet of night high up on Brown Ridge, Saturna Island. We think about what it would be like to sleep out under the stars all night. But finally it is time to head back to Saturna Lodge and our comfortable beds next to the garden.

There! Wasn’t this the finest of evenings in nature? For us it was one of the highlights of our trip, right up there with Siglinde’s amazing breakfast at the lodge 😉

Sprout: When was the last time you were deep in the wilderness when night came over the day?

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15 thoughts on “An Evening on Brown Ridge Saturna Island

  1. Thank you so much for that adventure, Terrill. You are truly a wonderful stroyteller and photographer.
    As I read, memories of last summer filled my mind, I spent many nights sleeping outside. It was heavenly. This summer was full of other equally wonderfdul treasures.
    Looking forward to our next adventure…

    • Thank you Leanne and you and I have the same love for being outdoors at night. It is just part of a full day isn’t it? 🙂 Yes another adventure is due – likely in the fall I am guessing. Until then!

  2. Terrill – Vast open views, container ships, feral goat bachelor parties, cotton candy painted skies, and extended power outages. You’ve got it all!

    Sprout: When was the last time you were deep in the wilderness when night came over the day?

    It’s been at least two years and that’s waaaay too long. Note to self: must remedy that!

  3. The pastel colors at dusk are so soft. Exquisite. There are few things more beautiful than a summer sunset on the west coast. I so enjoyed this lovely evening. Including those long horned cuties and memories of their very pervasive perfume:)

    • I think Colleen we were up wind of them this evening so it wasn’t too bad. Sometimes we have smelt them and not seen them at all. So this was a nice unexpected surprise to our evening.

  4. I just spent one day hiking at Lake Quinault in the Olympic National Forest and we watched the sunset over the lake and then slept for 11 hours! Off to an afternoon at the ocean…just sitting and watching the cloud layer lift and warm sunshine emerge as we leaned against a log.

    It was so wonderful….and I too had a special breakfast at Lake Quinault Lodge….they made it for me…with no bread or other problem foods right now….think grilled portabella mushroom cap upside down…with a piece of Canadian Bacon on top, then a poached egg topped with a wee bit of hollandaise sauce and a drizzle of pesto….sided with strawberries and melon….yum

    The first surgery 2 weeks ago did not get the job done…so second surgery yesterday and a all day sleep a thon…. and an antibiotic….actually feeling better today….was dreaming about the hike, all the ripe berries we saw in the woods, bird song, quiet, the garter snake feasting on slug, wee mousie crossing the path, 4 waterfalls, lichen….and the stunning waves….ahhhhh

    Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  5. You have again woven your inimitable magic in bringing these beautiful fleeting images into focus. The sunsets are magnificent. It’s been too long a time since I explored the wilderness, back in the days of camping in the West Virginia Appalachians, though there have been some nearby forests that might quality in a contemplative sense. It’s always in such settings that inspiration and ideas emerge, when nature takes full control.

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  7. What beautiful photographs! I’m heading out on a sailing adventure to Saturna Island this weekend. Your post has whetted my appetite!

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