Sister oil paintings of Tulips on the Springwater Deck Mayne Island

Sister paintings of Tulips on the Springwater Deck. What about you? Do you have a preference for one painting over the other? If so which one and what is it that has it being your favourite?

Canadian Contemporary Terrill Welch Gallery

Two new bright 20 x 16 oil on canvas sister paintings of the luscious tulips on the Springwater Deck are ready for your perusal.

The first is a plein air painting which had a few minor edits back in the studio to bring it to completion.


Tulips Springwater Deck Mayne Island  20 x 16 inch oil on canvas  by Terrill Welch 3013_04_25 166

This Painting is now SOLD and is going to a private collector in British Columbia Canada.

There is more about the plein air work-in-progress including a short video on my Creative Potager blog post “Tulips on the deck of the Springwater lodge en plein air” Though a fine representation of the subject and a painting I am happy with I had this deep desire to experiment further with this great subject.

The second is a studio work of the same subject on the same size canvas. My intention with the second painting was to explore the relationships between…

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11 thoughts on “Sister oil paintings of Tulips on the Springwater Deck Mayne Island

    • Well there you have it Leanne! On the facebook post I have one preference for each painting and David also likes the same one as you. So that is 3 to 1 for the plein air so far.

  1. These are so lovely. The crows came and ate our 4 baby Junkos hatched on Friday. And all the petals are off the tulips. I am saving the nest for Library girls classroom. Makes me feel a bit sad how quickly beauty and joy can vanish. Thankful that you are able to catch it

    • Patricia I took the seed heads off of all the tulips and daffodils in our yard yesterday as well. Yes, these moments of splendor are fleeting. Our internet has being going off for most of the day since Friday giving me even more time to sink deeply into the world around me. Sorry about the Junkos.

  2. Hi Terrill, I know that I usually don’t post comments, but I felt that I wanted to today. Both paintings are beautiful. The first painting, more “perfect” and bright. The second a little less “perfect”, a little weathered maybe(just as we all are) and I am drawn to it. If I were to take one home, I would feel that I couldn’t abandon the less perfect one to take home the other. I choose the second. I do follow your blog and all of your paintings and enjoy seeing your art.. Brenda O.

    • Good to hear from you Brenda! Yes, I am like you and probably would take the less perfect one home 🙂 Stop in and comment anytime you wish. I have approved your email now so your posts should go up right away. I have a new large 48 x 24 inch painting that I painted yesterday. I think you might like it even though it is a bit different – so long and lean. It is not quite finished but I will posted it soon.

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  4. I was fascinated reading both your and Brenda’s comment (up above). I think I would have to pick the first one just because it’s so bright and colorful. It draws me into hopeless love with those tulips.

    • Kathy I think the first paintings with its large movements and clear colours definitely has more wall space options. But it is interesting, since I live with both paintings at the moment, how much my preferences shift from one to the other depending in the moment.

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