Double-Bubble to Switzerland

Do you remember my oil painting “Rising” that was in the international Art of Day 2010 Holiday Show and Sale?

Well it SOLD.

Earlier this week, I double-bubble wrapped this 8  X 10 inch on gessobord, cradled on a 2 inch birch frame, original and sent it to a buyer in Switzerland.

I can’t say enough about James Day from Art of Day who brokered the sale. He is amazing to work with. (To view more of my oil paintings for sale at ART of DAY, go directly to the ART of DAY store.)

I get such a thrill each time a piece of my work finds a new home whether it is an original oil painting, a print of one of my photographs or a gift card. It is kind of like when your children come home with stars on their school work and your in-laws are visiting. You try to be cool but you just can’t help wearing a grin so big that it wipes out the pretend furrow on your brow. I tell myself – now don’t you go getting a big head over this! “Rising” is only one small oil painting. That is the furrowed brow. But I SOLD it – to a buyer in Switzerland! That is the great big grin.

I go through this exercise each time. Like when Annie from New York City bought “Only the Sea.”

Or like a couple of weeks ago when a large poster of “Arbutus in the Fog” was purchased by a buyer in England.

Or like when someone came bouncing up to me here on Mayne Island because she had got one of my art cards for her birthday from a friend.

No matter how humble and how chilled I know I am supposed to be, I can’t help shouting Yaaaaaaa hoooooo! Then I do a little ta, ta, ta, ta-da dance before regaining my composure and going back to creating. Does this happen to you too?

Sprout question: What is wiping out the furrow on your brow with a big grin?

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