Three Mayne Island photography landscapes go to Vancouver

The year of 2012 has started out on a high note here at la casa de inspiracion. A new collector of my work will shortly be receiving three extra-large approximately 20 X 28 inch photography canvas prints  to complete the remodeling of her home in Vancouver. Shall we have a look to see what she has chosen for her walls? Yes? I though you might say that.


(image is available for purchase Here


(image is available for purchase Here

and the ever popular…


(image is available for purchase Here

SPROUT: If you could collect anything you wanted what would it be? 

SEED: Have you ever wondered how I define “a collector of my work?” It is someone who has three or more pieces of my Fine Art. It could be three or more photography prints or three or more original paintings or a combination of both. Here is a link that I recently wrote for my Google Plus – Terrill Welch Fine Art page about buying an original painting The same advice holds to be equally true for photography Fine Art. In addition, I would like to suggest this fantastic article by art consultant, advisor, author, and independent appraiser, Alan Bamberger,How to Collect Art Like a Pro – Building a Collection.” It is like an advance course in learning how to buy what you love.

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