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March 17, 2010 was the beginning of my  full-time painting and photography adventure. Starting with oils in my early teen years, I had been working in water colours for years and now decided to return to oils. These were not just any oils but water miscible oil paints. I always liked oil paints but not the toxic odor issues. About the same time, I purchased a good quality camera and began some serious shooting. In between painting and photographing I showed my work in both physical and online venues. To my humble surprise work sold and continues to sell. About 50 paintings and photographs are mostly with collectors in Canada and the U.S.A. But some have found their way to England, Switzerland and Australia. One of these is KEEPING WATCH a 36 x 24 inch of an almost iconic Mayne Island view.

I have now set up a specific SOLD! page at Terrill Welch Artist that has a few of these displayed together – not all as it would be too many – just a few. More of the photography and painting prints that are that have sold can be found in my redbubble storefront gallery where you will also see a gallery with 45 new painting details that have been specifically selected for greeting cards.  My personal favourite in this series is the detail of “Red Romance by the Sea” card.

But then there is the card from “The Sea to Me”

Or how about this one from “Pears by the Sea” ?

If you have an order of more than 16 cards there is a 30% discount which makes if an affordable option to gather a collection to have available for any occasion. With 45 different cards of painting details to choose from I am hoping you will find it easy to find at least 16 that will meet your needs and fill your heart with painting impressions.
It has been a good couple of years and a bit. But what now? A very good question. As midsummer leaves me with a lots of room to contemplate.

I am off on a bit of a solitary painting adventure which I hope shall lead me through to a new understanding and way of expression with paint. But one never knows. Sometimes these explorations just reaffirm and clarify the path we are already on.

However, it is not the paintings themselves that are at issue – rather it is my intention as I create them. When I am working things out like this the paintings are not usually keepers. They remain records and works in progress. Hence, for the most part I am more comfortable sharing bits of them – just so you know I am at work 😉

Thank you all for your patience and here is a detail from one of four painting studies I did over the last couple of days.

Happy Monday to you!

SPROUT: What is your personal practice when engaging on a new creative learning curve?

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