Art Interview, Open Studio Guests and a Birthday

Today is a rest and resilience day but before I wonder off I want to share a short Monday morning blessings post. Well, possibly it will be short – I have a lot to thankful about.

over by the chair by Terrill Welch 2013_11_05 196

First thank you to the more than 100 collective online and face-time fans and patrons who came to my Open Studio event. You are all amazingly gracious in your support and encouragement. The paintings and photographs just glowed under your kind words and observations. My personal favourite store is about two wise women who came in and found a seat in the main part of the show – process that was only delayed slightly as they said hello. The one guest explained that she just needed to settle in and be with the paintings and the surroundings for a while before she could truly enjoy them. After bit, they started to chat about an aspect of this painting or that painting – a colour, the movement or a memory that was trigger. The work was truly “seen” in the much the same way as they were painted.

canvases cheek to cheek by Terrill Welch 2013_11_05 200

What a blessing for any artist to eavesdrop on such conversations!

Then on Sunday there was a surprise publishing of an Interview about me by Michigan poet and author Charles van Heck in the Life as a Human magazine. It is part one of two parts. The second half will be published next Sunday.

Though by Sunday I had a most heavy heart for the hardship and deaths from the typhoon in the Philippines. I was feeling like I should close up shop and not be celebrating my paintings and photography at all on such a sad weekend of loss. But one of the studio guest reminded me that in the face of tragedy  we often need to be reminded of the beauty in the world in order to bring balance and hope to bear our great losses.

There is also something else that can fortify us at times like this and that is the first birthday of a grandson. It was a year ago today that the second “O” boy was born. His grandma and grandpa “O” are there visiting on his special day today all the way from the middle of Canada.

Ivor meets his first fall leaves by Terrill Welch 2013_08_28 070

I was able to have a short face-time video call with the family this morning. A treasured blessing indeed!

Now, I am off to spend at least part of my day walking by the sea.

traveling the Strait of Georgia by Terrill Welch 2013_11_05 033

It is Remembrance Day of course and I am thankful for those men and women all over the world who dedicated and lost their lives for the peace we have today.

I wish you all a fine week and ample time for quiet, peaceful resilience.

What is your most powerful reminder of resilience?

P.S. On Wednesday, the next Art Review comments about a specific painting will be posted on the new Facebook Page Art of Terrill Welch. Please drop by and have a read if you get the chance.

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