From Moonlight to Nomads Essentials

On Mayne Island we are flexible. We can go from shooting the moon to finding natural solutions for smelly feet in one blog post. Not bad eh?

First, allow me to welcome all the new people who have subscribed to Creative Potager as a result of “Mayne Island Super moon on May 5 2012” being Freshly Pressed yesterday.  It is a pleasure to have you join our creative community.

So now back to smelly feet. Well, not really smelly feet but it is one of the many things you might want to discuss with the owner of Nomads Essentials, Barbara McIntyre, here on Mayne Island off the southwest coast of Canada.

Some of you may remember that Barbara has shared the space with me to show our photography at the Green House Bar and Grill for the past 1.5 years. But even if you don’t remember, that is okay because I do. I also remember that it was with her encouragement that put my work up in this venue. Now she is off on a new adventure and I want to be the first to share it with you. Welcome to her new store located on the right side of The Root Seller Inn in downtown Miners Bay.

Isn’t it just gorgeous!?

Nomads Essentials will have its grand opening on Saturday May 12, 2012 between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm

Barbara is the most warm, caring and giving person who I am overjoyed to call my friend. She is often making things upside down right

particularly when it comes to  the “Four Rs” of reduce, reuse, recycle or refuse. This is not always an easy task when providing body and home products designed for the contemporary nomad. But she does it with a creative flare many would envy. She views her new store as she does herself – a work in progress.

Barbara as you might guess is not new to providing us with her artisan products. My first purchase of Barbara’s wares goes back several years and it was a bar of her handmade soap. Sometimes I get one in fancy gift wrapping if it is for a present.

But if it is for me, I get it start up with one small band of recyclable paper identity card.

Out of curiosity, I asked what was her best seller?  I was sure the answer would be her bath salts but I was wrong. It is her Reclined Bed Freshener.

Yes, I did bring home some to try.

But what about sore muscles from hiking or kayaking around the Gulf Islands?

Chapped Lips from the sun and sea breeze?

Moths in the closet where you store your best outdoor wool sweater for watching the sunset over at the lighthouse?

Or chocolate that is delicious but won’t melt in your pocket on a warm day clambering up to the view from Henderson Hill?

Or huh-hum… those smelly feet as they exit your summer sandals?

I promise you that Barbara can fulfill almost any nomads essential needs for body, mind and spirit. Speaking of spirit, I was most amazed at how Barbara’s photography shows up as part of her signature being when displayed in an environment where she has carefully chosen the colours for Nomads Essentials.

Just beautiful!

As you can see,  we are very flexible here on Mayne Island as we go from moonlight to smelly feet to  twinkle toes. Now you will have everything you need to come along with me on my next photo shoot. Oh! Better bring your camera. I didn’t notice any at Nomads Essentials. But then again, I am sure I didn’t notice everything. It is always good to leave a thing or two for others to discover 😉

Thank you Barbara for allowing me to share your new store with Creative Potager and I wish you all the best with this new adventure. Warm hugs as always and we shall see you again on Saturday at the grand opening of Nomads Essentials!

SPROUT: What are your personal nomadic essentials?

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