Sometimes a photographer’s life is for the birds!

I am not a bird photographer. I am mostly a sea and landscape photographer – mostly. But those darn birds! They just keep getting in the way of things and what is a photographer to do? Take for instance this young Great Blue Heron refusing to stop stalking his fish no matter how close I sat beside him.

Then there were those bathtub toy-duck sounding squeakers – the pretty little Harlequin Ducks…

But it was the Red-wing Blackbird singing in the rain that really distracted me from the sound of the surf…

The clouds were waddling their heavy bellies slowly across the sky as the first drops fell. This red-wing blackbird just kept singing as I moved closer to capture his silhouette against the rain-laden clouds.

Those darn birds! 😉


SPROUT: What pleasant distractions have you found in your creative adventures of late?


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