Mayne Island May Day Celebrations

Mayne Island May Day celebrations on Saturday were an amazing colourful and entertaining event where a mime artist helps us wait for the fun to start

children grow wings for the day,

a queen is crowned with a garland wild flowers,

adult cloths are layers of frolicking miss-match

and shoes go missing as the community dances together in circles

while all is softly punctuated with very short greetings from our federal MP the Honourable Elizabeth May.

But what is this Mayne Island celebration with its dancing around the May Pole and organized each year by the Mayne Island Conservancy ?

I could tell you but a Mayne Island musical group Jaiya has an incredibly detailed post that will fill your cup with delightful details.

There are more of my photographs for your viewing pleasure in my smugmug album that is dedicated to this event.

Also, our good friend and writer  Leanne Dyck has a special post that has a photo-essay of even more about what was happening on this special Mayne Island day.

Happy May long weekend  from Mayne Island, British Columbia Canada!

SPROUT: If you could come to the Mayne Island May Day celebrations next year what will you be wearing? 

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