Singing Seas with Tafoni Rhythmic Response

The musical voice of the sea is forever calling me to its shores. Sandstone, washed and shaped by the tidal chorus, seems to hold the notes of the sea in rhythmic response. The small holes in the stones are called “tafoni” – such a beautiful smiling kind of word.

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SPROUT: What are you listening to singing its sweet natural song today? 

SEED: Have you ever wondered about what makes these fascinating holes in the sandstone and other rock formations? They can be found in many places in the world not just here on the southwest Coast of Canada. I didn’t the formation of the holes had a name until quite recently. I am not sure if it has been decided just exactly how or why the holes exist in the patterns that they do. Here is a link to a lengthy explanation by Nick Doe Whatever the reason or the means by which the rocks are as they are – I love them!

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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