Queen of Cumberland Ferry on a Morning in February

It may have been super bowl Sunday for much of North America yesterday but for this Gulf Islander it was simply another lovely morning in the mist at Sunrise.

The Queen of Cumberland Ferry is just coming out of Active Pass and is heading to  Sturdies Bay Galiano Island. These small ferries are an integral part of Gulf Island life. They are more than a mode of transportation between islands and to Vancouver Island. These ferries are where novels are read, naps are taken, friends are visited, books are written and meetings are held. These ferries are an extension of home on the islands and of our communities.

I remember the first time I road the ferry to Mayne Island when we were coming to look at what is now our home La Casa de Inspiracion. A woman had gone to the washroom and left her purse open sitting on top of the table. Middle-aged musicians were practicing for a performance they were going to do the next day beside us. A sleepy child was nursed by her mother as she listened. Another group had papers and pens in hand as they discussed something that I could not comprehend or accurately hear over the other noises of the diesel engine and the acoustic practicing. I thought to myself, in a few years this will be normal. I will be part of this life instead of an observer. And now it is so.

Tomorrow, I have another image to share from Sunday’s sunrise. A colleague said “I think this must take the prize for ‘my favorite Terrill Welch.'”  I wonder if you will feel the same.


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