Summer Paintings of Farmers Fields

The weather is fine and a tractor was making the rounds in the field below us yesterday. It was likely the last day for a while because we have entered extreme fire hazard. All day equipment ban in effect Wed. July 26. No spark producing tools. However, I am still inspired to share a few of my summer paintings of farmers’ fields with you, just for fun as we wait for the Terrill Welch Gallery to open on August 4, 2017. No heavy equipment or spark producing tools were used in the making of these paintings or in posting them for your viewing today.

Haying – 14 x 18 inch oil on canvas

Haying time signifies summer and this impressionist style painting holds the desire for coolness in the deep shade of the big tree. This is one of the Deacon Vale Farm fields on Mayne Island in B.C. where I was doing a photo shoot of the harvest and later completed this work in the studio.

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August Fields – 12 x 16 inch oil on canvas

An ever-changing view with eagles and turkey vultures often at eye level as they glide by – fields and hills changing with the season and the passing of each hour. This is the Meadowmist Farm field below us on Mayne Island and it was painted plein air from our outside deck.

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Road to the World – 12 x 16 inch oil on canvas

This painting was completed in two plein air painting sessions on my parents’ farm outside of Vanderhoof  B.C.

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I have painted other summer fields but these are three of my favourites.


Do you have a favourite farmer’s field near you?


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Second Hanging – this time at the Green House Bar and Grill

A hanging of small proportions happened on May 2, 2012 at the Green House Bar and Grill. No it is not an act of violence on quiet Mayne Island this week but rather the unveiling of the second exhibit of my art work. This time it is a new collection of fourteen of my small photography prints and oil paintings.

Before I take you for a stroll around the restaurant to see what is here, let me introduce you to Shawn who prepared me the most delicious grilled salmon with green salad for lunch. Hanging a new show is hungry work you know 😉 Standing beside Shawn is the owner of the Green House Bar and Grill, Gerry McCulloch, who will serve you up a smile before you even have time to sit down.

So be ready for it should you have the chance to grace this warm and friendly establishment here on our small island. Now how about we have a look around?

These seven here are the main part of the show…

The two smallest oil paintings are only 5 x 7 inches. There is room for one of these in almost any suitcase, backpack or even a bicycle saddlebag. For those that are far way, the other three oil paintings shown here can be purchased from the Artsy Home Online Gallery. But for the little wee ones you will have to email me directly to inquire until I get a chance to get them included with the others.

Here is a couple more small oil paintings….

Again, the little one at the bottom is not listed in the online gallery yet. Soon, I promise but not yet.

And a couple of photography prints…

Most of the photographs in this showing are from my 2012  Earth Day Celebration collection and can be purchased in various formats and sizes from a special album on  smugmug HERE. This collection includes some of my personal favourite of recent images of Mayne Island and neighbouring Gulf Islands.

Another  small window to the sea over in the corner…

And here are the final two photography prints…

These piece will be shown until about mid July if you are on Mayne Island and want to stop in for nice meal and have a closer look.

Some places just feel like all the best parts of being at home. The Green House Restaurant is one of these places. It is a true honour and a privileged to have my paintings and photography prints contributing to this experience.

However, you may notice that the beautiful photographs of my colleague Barbara McIntyre are missing. This is the result of yet another hanging on Mayne Island that will be opening on May 12, 2012. On Tuesday, I am planning taking us behind the yellow tape so we can be some of the first to scene. Until then my friends may you have a chance to see the supermoon this evening while enjoying the simple and good things your life has to offer.

SPROUT: If you were going to do a creative hanging where would you most likely to perform the act and who would you invite to the scene?

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