Mayne Island Super moon on May 5 2012

What a moon! What a Saturday night day night out here on Mayne Island, British Columbia Canada. A crowd of about a dozen people joined me at Seaview Beach in Bennett Bay for the moon rising. It is the first time in my five years of living on the island that I had company join me on a photo shoot. Quite festive really and great to see others out capturing the experience first hand as well.

But let’s begin at the beginning shall we. A long time ago on May 1, 2012 I was out in the evening on Reef Bay – a pleasant evening though there were rain showers in the distance.

It was then that I looked up and saw this amazing moon high in the sky.

I had been seeing things posted here and there about some super moon. So I said to self – what if you made a plan to see if you could do a Mayne Island photo shoot of the super moon? Would that be a good idea? Self answered – but you know very little about night photography. I informed myself that there was no time like the present to start learning and I reminded myself that I always learn best by doing. With a frown and shrug Self agreed.

The next few nights were cloudy and though I went out and managed to capture the light on the shore at low tide.

No moon. So instead I read about photographing the moon. It was recommended to have something large in front of the moon to emphasize its grand size. This might not happen here at Reef Bay, plus I was likely to get house lights in the foreground if I was guessing the right place where the moon would come up. Where should I be then? I though and thought and on the evening of the May 4th I went to Seaview Beach in Bennett Bay.

But thankfully the moon wasn’t rising on this side of the view with those heavy clouds. Thunderclouds rolled through swishing their wet skirts across the sky last evening. The moon was well up in the sky before the sun kissed him goodnight.

So with after taking this shot I knew exactly where I wanted to be for 8:39 pm on May 5, 2012 to watch the super moon rise. I cast one of my best spells for a clear sky though heavy cloud had been predicted. I check the weather first thing Saturday morning. Yes! It was suppose to be mostly clear this evening. I arrive early at 7:30 pm with a book and watch the evening settle in around me. An otter swims by and the small swallows dart across the water. The tide is in and I am ready for the magic to begin. Just before the prescribed time of the moon rise, to my surprise I started to get company. For the first time in my five years living on Mayne Island others joined me to also photograph the moon and to simply watch it rise with rattles, chants and sage given in offering. It was quiet festive really and nice to share the moment with others. But the super moon, I am guessing you are waiting to see the super moon right?

The super moon starting to appear…

Then a cloud takes a taste…

Soon we have a super moon beam…

And so the super moon rose as seen from Mayne Island…

The light turns magically mauve as it the moon gets higher in the sky and beacon lights and boat lights shine dimly in comparison.

And now to conclude with one portrait shot of the moon alone in the night sky…

There you have it folks – the super moon of May 5, 2012 from Mayne Island.


SPROUT: When was the last time you courted the moon?

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