Evidence of the Sea

Yesterday, on G+ I shared an image “30 km per hour” that anticipates a view. It was also posted on Facebook so you may have seen it there as well. The perspective of this image of the mountains seen in the distance beyond the road and human clutter of power lines and the image I want to share today have something in common. They are both approaching “the view” indirectly. The beauty and mystery of the sea is only glimpsed rather than being the central visual focus of the frame. However, “the view” is still the emotional drive of both the images.

I haven’t made “Evidence of the Sea” available for purchase yet because it is still only an idea I am exploring. That idea is – what is the power of leaving the most tasty bits of a scene to the viewers imagination. Here the sandstone tells the story in vivid lines about the preceding tides and storms. It is calm and clear and beautiful by the sea today but in the evidence left behind on the sandstone we know it is not always so. I sense that we would miss the glee and delight of this gorgeous day if we had no reference to the dark gray, the freezing winds, high tides, hail and the snow during the weeks before. Tell me, would you feel this blue sea and sky as deeply if this was all that I shared with you?

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