Stop feeding the WOW-smacked dragon!

Yesterday’s morning walk provided this one image with the only hint of soft sunlight we saw all day. It is not very exciting and in fact, it is very ordinary – just a bit of soft sunlight coming through the cedar trees on a path in the woods. The image has not been heavily edited and rendered and is truly the ordinary of the ordinary everyday anywhere one might find a path in the woods.

an ordinary morning path Mayne Island by Terrill Welch 2013_01_24 010

So why might I share it with you then?

Well, I have been reading here and there how people are feeling bad, sad and insignificant when they visit their “friends” on social media. They are mumbling about how their lives just don’t measure up as being as successful, exciting or happy as these other streams of wall, tweet, circle, blog postings. And since I have been recovering from a miserable cold I have had lots of time to muse about these heartfelt and I believe honest observations.

I am wondering if part of this is that we consciously or unconsciously are feeding what I call the WOW-smacked dragon. This feeding, like any addictive experience, is the desensitization of our ability to be impressed or “WOW-smacked” so that it takes greater and greater awesomeness for us to notice and get that brief hit of satiation from our own everyday life and in also from our viewing of the lives of others. Therefore, people are in search of and only posting the sensational – true or super-sized by their own storytelling.

I believe three things happen when our lives are spent feeding the WOW-smacked dragon. One, the addiction takes more and more to satisfy for briefer and briefer periods of time. Two, it is a social addiction that feeds and escalates the demands of the dragon while we feel worse and worse about our ordinary lives and our ordinary everyday acts of living. Three, as we become more addicted the WOW factor, the dragon becomes more needy and we lose our ability to appreciate our everyday. An everyday that is filled with the ordinary wonderfulness of our ups and downs and sadness and happiness that has nothing to do with awe and wonder but with simple enjoyment of observation where we then can internally appreciate, with no need to further stuff our sensory systems, a quiet contentment.

So today I want to celebrate the ordinary, the mundane and the soft uneventful sludge that we all walk through from time to time. May we be content with the the extraordinary in our ordinary.

How are you releasing the WOW-smacked dragon and celebrating the ordinary in your life?

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