There is nothing more intriguing to my imagination than southern gulf island sandstone. The wearing and washing of the sea along island shorelines creates a beauty that is hard to replicate. With its abundance and ease to work with, sandstone is used for everything from walkways, front step, garden beds, to cob wall foundations. Our home, along with many others on the west coast, make practical use of this local natural material.

Yet, it is the sea that has the most talent in sculpturing this soft stone as shown in these photographs from East Point on Saturna Island.

View and purchase full resolution images here.

View and purchase full resolution images here.

View and purchase full resolution images here.

View and purchase full resolution images here.

Sprout Question: What natural substance has draped you with creative possibilities?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

8 thoughts on “Sandstone

  1. Terrill – I love the steps outside your door! Whether coming or going, they look to give a natural benediction.

    Sprout Question: What natural substance has draped you with creative possibilities?

    Before I sit down to write at the scarred desk that is handcrafted from well-aged southern yellow pine, I light a candle that is scented with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

    • Oh my – this is Laurie who has a very new “Speaking From the Heart” wordpress blog. First, congratulations on your recent creation. I was by yesterday and this brand spanking new baby is wailing already. Okay, I admit it, the first hearty wail from a new born baby makes me laugh with joy… “They are going to be fine” I say to myself. Thanks as always for adding your sprout Laurie. I hope you still come by now again between tending your newbie.

  2. Terrill – I have to tell you that your Creative Potager ( and Kathy’s Lake Superior Spirit ( blogs were the inspiration for my starting a blog on WordPress.

    I’m still trying to figure a few things out, but hope that by the time we’re on Eleutheria Island in the Bahamas March 3-11 to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary that I’ll figure out how to display tags in the side column and so forth …

    As for my continuing to stop by … you can count on it!

    • Thank you Coffee Messiah…. and speaking of incense burning, your wonderful fragrant package arrived today. What fun! Your packaging and package is just like your blog posts. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the CD all the way through yet… tomorrow morning with coffee:)

  3. firstly,i would like to thank u about ur lovely comment on and i love when u called me “twitter and blog friend” 😀

    and about tis post: great photos again terrill…
    i always love urs. i wonder that the island is near ur house? that island is amazing. beach and sea is something that i love a lot. and that stones are so amazing and beautiful.. take me to that place please!haha. btw i dont know yet about where are u from.

    sorry my english is not good enough 😉

    love and kiss

    • Wulan, your English is just fine. I can understand you perfectly…. you can write freely and if I can’t make something out, I promise, I will ask. I am in such awe of people who learn more than one language. I have enough trouble with sorting out Canadian and USA spelling. All I require of myself is to be consistent – use on or the other I tell myself… but I’m not:)

      Where do I live? Look at a map of North America, find the Canada USA boarder, run your finger along the boarder as far west as you can. Now you will see a quite large, long, skinny island off the west coast. That is Vancouver Island. If you look closely you will see a group of small islands with the Canadian USA boarder running between them. The ones on the Canadian side are the Southern Gulf Islands. One of those Island is Mayne Island where I live. Another one close by to the south is Saturna Island. Saturna Island is very close but sometimes the BC Ferry system makes it seem far because to get there in the morning from Mayne Island we have to go to Vancouver Island first and then come back the way we came to go to Saturna Island (3 hours traveling time) However to return to Mayne Island from Saturna Island in the afternoon is direct (30 minutes). Hope that helps.

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