Whole Body Creativity

There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot in the sun.”

– Pablo Picasso

What does it mean to use your whole body in your creativity? The answer is likely related to your awareness and ability to converge all the information from your five senses. For example in the image above, I wanted you to hear the waves. I hope just for a moment you can smell the sea and feel the sand under your feet with a soft breeze on your cheek. I want you to experience a moment of play and confidence through the Canada goose strutting in the waves.

What you don’t know is that this goose just chased a sea otter back into the sea. I am not sure what the scrap was about but it was fascinating hear and to watch.

However my photos are poor. I was too far away and I couldn’t get close enough fast enough. Yet, I somehow wanted to catch that excitement and triumph with the goose, and the waves and the sunlight. The goose in the shallow waves is my attempt to turn a yellow spot into the sun.

Sprout Question: Tell me about a yellow spot you have turned into the sun?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

11 thoughts on “Whole Body Creativity

  1. Terrill – The fact that you get to see an otter in your daily comings/goings simply boggles my mind!

    Sprout Question: Tell me about a yellow spot you have turned into the sun?

    Interesting you should pose this question today. This very morning a plump robin sat on top of a shrub outside our living room window — looking very much a grand finial. I deftly snuck to the window, camera in hand, and took the shot. Two problems: (1) I failed to turn off the flash which caused her to take immediate flight, and (2) the light from the flash was so bright the reflection was almost the only visible result in the photograph.

    So I didn’t actually turn a yellow spot into the sun. Rather, it was an attempt. Here’s a link to the schlocky outcome: http://www.holessence.com/featurephoto.html

    Laurie Buchanan

    Resulting Photo

    • Laurie that is a great attempt and it is so important to step out and “give things a try” if we want to expand and grow our skill base. And as always when we stretch, not everything aligns perfectly… Thank you for your sprout and almost sun:)

  2. That would have been fun to see. I think you did capture some of that mood, because when I saw the goose, yes he looked pretty, but I imagined he’d dash out at me. I like that you got the otter in the second photo. Funny!

  3. In theater I am relentless in using my whole body. It surprises me how many actors DON’T use the whole body. They act from the waist up. There is so much to be expressed in the feet, the thighs and ofcourse, my favorite, through landing on the floor and spending time down there which requires the whole body be used. (My goal this year or rather one of my goals) is to do some work on the floor in every production I am in. So far, so good.

    As far as the yellow spot into the sun… I want to spend some time with that – an intention of sorts.

    Thank you!

    • Julie you absolutely amaze me with your talent and dedication to your craft(s). I am in such awe of the ability to act and I can’t imagine trying to do it without the whole body. When is your next performance? Thank you so much for dropping in.

  4. I like the goose photo–don’t think that it is poor at all. Just returned from an evening down by the river photographing water and sunlight and reflections. Have no idea whether the photos turned out but am excited by the whole body experience of it. Getting muddy feet, almost falling in the river, feeling the cool wind, watching my husband fish, finding a deer jaw bone, always looking for an unusual angle. It was a sensory experience! (And of course it will be fun to see what words accompany this when it’s all eventually written…)

  5. There is a lot of sun shining around here!Laurie what a great picture. I though t I would not be able to see the bird. It is still a pretty good catch of him in the picture. I do think the capris in the picture below it is also putting yourself in the sun! I will

  6. Looks like I pressed enter too fast!
    I was saying I would go with you to the thrift store if you don’t give me the capris virus, I love thrift stores and especially found a lot of great items when my kids were little. They were the best dressed kids!

    My sun shining moment has been going on for the last week or so. I have seen shining faces on my family, like I have not seen before. They all are absolutely smitten with our new dog.

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