Eyes Wide Open

joyful delight

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If you want to practice being fully present in the moment, spend some time playing with children. If you want to connect your creativity to an idea for immediate expression, engage children. In the photo above we were eating limes. I was to try to capture “the lime face.” My favourite is the photo above as he is thinking about what we are going to do. In the photos below, the first one is what he thinks a lime face looks like….

pretending to lime taste

and the second is when the lime juice hit its mark.

taste of lime

I don’t often take photographs of people but every once in a while I like to capture the special people (family, friends, colleagues) in my life. A little backyard street hockey is always fun.

my turn

A shot on goal…


And a portrait shot for the record of time.


Sprout Question: Are your special people somehow included in your creativity?

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22 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open

  1. What a cute guy! I really like your photographs of him. Yes, children are so in the moment…there is no yesterday and no tomorrow when they’re playing.

    Are my special people included in my creativity? Yes, quite a bit! I love to write about my family and take photos of them. However, they do not necessarily like to have their photographs published all the time, so it feels important to respect that. (Is today the first day of your summer schedule?)

    • Thanks Kathy and yes it is the first day of my summer schedule…. So far it is all good:)

      I so agree with the respecting peoples wishes to both be photographed or to have those photographed published. I have some members of my family who do not like to have their picture taken at all. Sometimes I forget but when they make that face at me and say “don’t take my picture” I listen. Often times my special people show up in my stories but also they influence my thoughts and ideas about creativity and subject matter. Maybe it is because we have such a creative family but we kind of like bouncing ideas off each other. We are always on the look out for things that may be of interest in something another one of us is working on… My best fans and support are my family… and I treasure these connections.

  2. Terrill – I ADORE these photographs; every bloomin’ one of em!

    Sprout Question: Are your special people somehow included in your creativity?

    Each special person in my life represents a different thread in my life’s tapestry. Due to the nature of this work in progress, they are automatically woven into my creativity.

    • Thank you Ben… a little different than my usual stroll along the sea shore or down a forest trail but it is what I have been doing. I also took some reference shots of the far shore on my way by aboard the Queen of Nanaimo so I can finish my latest oil painting – put you will get to see the finished painting… because reference photos are just that… I wanted to be able to see certain detail. The over all image is not pleasing in and of itself. Glad you dropped in:)

  3. Perhaps because the main place I show up (in person!) with my art is theater, where collaboration and including those I love is a given, this question came out with a resounding OFCOURSE!

    yet as a writer, I have to be careful and honor the privacy of my family, so much so that I will use a pseudonym on my assignments if I think what I write may hurt a family member or another loved one.

    I tend to write in a style that is very open, very intimate… that alone sometimes scares people who know me-yet-don’t-know-me-well.

    People inspire my creativity and my art. I tend to be drawn to art that includes people and/or includes words. I find my emotion is stirred more when a sentient being is involved. Because of that, engagement with sentient beings as subjects delights my creativity.

    Thank you for the question!

  4. The special people in my life past and present have greatly influenced my writing. Occassionally I write about them but never in a mean way. I keep those for my journal. : )
    I wrote a tribute creative non-fiction story about my amazing grandma and I’m delighted to say it will be published by a US magazine in 2011.
    In my cozy mystery book and in my work in progress I pay tribute to special family members by naming characters after them. I wasn’t sure how this would go over but to my delight they all had a good giggle over it.

    • First Leanne CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING PUBLISHED:)))))) Yee haaaaaa! I am so glad to hear your family were delighted with their inclusion. I like also how you make the distinction between journal writing and your “writing.” So glad you dropped in to celebrate with us and answer today’s sprout question.

      Sometimes pieces of my more free flow journal writing get moved over into a “writing” piece but mostly not. In my journal I am not writing so much as thinking and feeling in words on paper. I often do not write when things are really upsetting either, I will draw but mostly I keep things really loose and walk it out until words start to form around my experience – which is usually well after I have dealt with the immediate situation.

  5. Oh boy are they ever Terrill! Five of em here, ages 13,12, 10, 8 and 7 and there’s always some creative pursuit here, even if those infernal play stations eat away more time than they should. My middle child, Danny, is becoming quite the artist too, so there is always an activity being brought for his challenge. He’s a big fan of Batman and The Joker. As a former special education teacher-now turned principal, my wife has the pre-requisite patience to stay the course here, even when I am involved with my own obsessions. But these interactions are priceless, and truthfully they really are all that matters in the scheme of things.

    I love looking the the expressions on the kids here, and agree that the human face should be part of the equation here. Lovely post!

  6. i just love this post it has brought to mind many wonderful times as a boy that i spent with my grandmother. ( and grandfather)
    One of the most fascinating thing i remember about my grandparents was that they both had interesting lives before they were parents and later grandparents. my grand mother was a baseball player and my grandfather had all sorts of wonderful adventures.

    Are your special people somehow included in your creativity?
    I think all of our experiences, and the people in our lives collaborate to make us who we are and this informs our creativity. I often think of my grandparents who were a very important part of my life, when i was young, as an important driving force in the path i chose in my life. I dont think they ever understood me as an artist but they could relate to me not organizing my life in the same way as others.

    In 50 years he will smell a lime and remember your day together.

    • Jerry your comments warm my heart and I sure hope you are right. I don’t get a lot of time with this boy for a variety of reasons and so what time I do get I try and make it count.

  7. whoaaa… what an adorable picture..
    who is him terrill?
    i used to have no interest with children, it was weird to interact with them. but recently i love them so much.. they are so funny and lovable..

    Are your special people somehow included in your creativity? yes , i think. God give me talent to make cloth, sew, take a photo, draw, play some instrument etc.. so it means that i’m special..

    • He is my grandson Wulan. I like the idea that our creativity abilities are gifts that we are responsible for sharing with others. So glad you found a few moments in your busy life to drop by.

  8. Thanks Terrill, these look great! From one that
    makes the faces when you try to photograph her!
    In the one you said is a portrait he looks a lot like you!

    • You are welcome Tina and I’m so glad you stopped by. I would never have suggested he looked like me in that photo but I will take your word for it. I always think it is interesting when we can’t see ourselves in others. And you can make faces anytime…and even say “don’t do that!”

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