Slice of Sun

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Today being Friday, it is a good day to play with techniques and have a little fun. I am practicing the art of painting without a brush by using photo editing tools to paint for me. I have been doing this for awhile but it is starting to get easier to stretch into the resonance of what I am seeking.

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Please note that starting next week my posts will be Tuesdays and Thursdays until the beginning of September. But please come by for tea and a browse anytime.

The best of the weekend to you all.

Sprout Question: Where are the growing edges of your creativity?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

18 thoughts on “Slice of Sun

  1. Like my patchy weed-filled front yard my work in progress MAYNELY HIDDEN is sprouting up here and there. My muse dances between one unconnected scene to another. At this point I dance with her knowing that I will have to come back and unit, edit. However that is tomorrow — today I dance.

  2. Terrill –

    I love the luminosity of the blue pitcher!

    Sprout Question: Where are the growing edges of your creativity?

    Shhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but every great once in a while I write something that’s none non-fiction.

  3. Your digital painting is inspiring. I have not yet learned how to do that… The pitcher is, as Laurie says, luminous.

    Growing edges of creativity? Hmmm…. learning how to actually use the camera on different settings. Beginning to think about all the different options before taking a photo. Learning to play with the camera!

    Enjoy your summer, Terrill, although we shall certainly see you here a couple times each week.

    • Thanks Kathy – great sprout. I remember when how excited I got when I figured out how to switch the switch to manual focus on my digital camera…. I am one of those people that has to just “do” and when something doesn’t work then I will read the instructions.

  4. Funtastic digital painting, Terrill!

    Hmmm.. growing edges of creativity? I’m utilizing my skills in new forms, exploring unchartered arts.

    Beautiful Summer wishes your way, and looking forward to the T/TH visits! 🙂

    • Antonia thank you so much for supporting my T/TH schedule change. I will still be responding to comments and reading other blogs everyday but likely in the afternoons rather than my morning time. I will be looking forward to your posts and new work.

    • Thanks Coffee Messiah good to see you here and glad you stopped in. I drink a wide variety of herbal teas mostly local but a few imports -like a hand picked chia mix from India that is packaged on Cortez Island. I love lemon grass in my tea and have a special philosophers brew that is a favourite at the moment.

  5. Terrific warmth in these photos thanks.

    Where are the growing edges of your creativity?
    i like to think the edges are growing every day. Often however it seems more like the borders are retreating, which allows for an opportunity to relearn something in a new different and way.

    • Jerry I can imagine that being the case with the direction you have set for yourself. I can imagine this as increasing the depth rather than the breadth of your creativity. And thank you for the feedback about the photos… as I know you got a good look at them when I first put them up on redbubble a few days ago.

  6. These are very well done and creative at most.

    Sprout Question: Where are the growing edges of your creativity?

    I have to say when I see the sprout question, I always think of the Jolly Green Giant and Little Sprout!

    My creative edge at this time is coming out by my just being in the moment and enjoying the beauty of the divine.

    • I am giggling Kim because I often think of the ‘little sprout’ as well:) But it is an analogy that works for the blog and has provided a bridge into the blog post for readers to join me in conversation. So little sprout of a Jolly Green Giant sprout – Sprout Questions will stay.

      Kim being it the moment is a huge accomplishment. Even as I type this I am noticing the wind blowing the leaves on the trees to the east with the sun behind them creating mottled moving shadows across my work area. While I can hear my partner listening to Democracy Now in his office below the sounds of my click-click on the keys is dominant.

      This is the first morning of my new schedule… no new post until tomorrow:) I spent the morning repackaging my submissions for the next BC Ferries display because my photograph canvas print sold. I also may travel arrangements for May long weekend. Now for a few tweets and a facebook browse and then – if the weather holds out to the garden.

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