Eagle over the moon

Through joyful tears and laughter the gifts are opened.

Friends prepare for a round of games. I slip outside, where clouds break, allowing slivers of evening sun and a rainbow across the way.

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The ocean is within touching distance and the tide is on the ebb, bringing a young eagle closer to shore – hunting.

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A bridal shower and an eagle over the moon – a good omen I think.

Sprout Question: Where has your creativity recently found something new in the familiar?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

20 thoughts on “Eagle over the moon

    • Jeff I quickly glanced at your blogs last night and notice that “Pink peony of tears” is on your red bubble . I am coming by again for a good read late in the day. Your morning page post are rich and deep wells of creativity.

      Dear readers, I encourage you to take a browse through and read Jeff’s blog taking in his deep connections between humanness, nature, creativity, photography and spiritually.

  1. wonderful photographs Terrill.

    funny your question to ponder:

    Sprout Question: Where has your creativity recently found something new in the familiar?

    Going back to flat on the table painting and with my old friend masonite!!!

  2. Terrill – What a wonderful post. I thoroughly enjoyed the photographs, and I love that there was an eagle over the moon. I know I’m preaching to the choir when I tell you this, but an Eagle represents the Great Spirit (Divine Love, Divinity). It signifies the ability to live in the realm of Spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth. What a wonderful omen, indeed!

    Sprout Question: Where has your creativity recently found something new in the familiar?

    I am getting ready to pick Len up at the airport. He’s been in Tulsa with his father who was ill (doing better now). I was able to use my alone time — something I’m familiar with — to dive headfirst into creativity pond and come up for air if/when I wanted to. It was a deliciously refreshing swim.

    • Laurie I am glad you added in what an eagle represents… I think this is always an inspiring reflection on one of the environment’s clean-up crew. Even though they skilled and fierce hunters, if there is a ready meal, they waste no time sidling up to nature’s table . Thank you for this addition Laurie. I am glad to hear about your creative dip and that Len is coming home and his dad is doing better. Seems like the perfect time to be posting and focusing on your energy medicine. I will be back in your virtual class reading away by later this afternoon. By the way I love the photo that Len took of you teaching – feels like a perfect match to what I imagine.

  3. Love the pic of Josie! This morning my creativity found something new in the familiar. As John and I sat and enjoyed some quiet time on the front deck, looking out over the garden, my eye was captured by butterflies feasting on the flowers. My camera jumped into my hands and I was off. The new came about from being able to capture these winged creatures on macro setting and then by zooming in on the pictures while reviewing them. I was able to see details that I just can’t with the naked eye. It was fascinating!

    • Thanks Sue… I hope she loves it as well:) I would love to see some of your butterfly photos. For my film camera I had some lens covers for macro work that were crazy fun. I don’t think they fit on my digital but I haven’t tried. Jeff commented earlier that he has been doing some macro work as well. Have fun! And thanks for dropping in.

  4. I had the pleasure of being in the northwest for a few months just after college. I remember seeing rainbow after rainbow over the Strait of Juan de Fuca. One night, there was three seemingly pouring from one into the other. Thanks for bringing that memory back to me with your photos.

    Yes, an eagle over the moon is a very good omen. Congratulations go out to the bride-to-be.

    • Thank you Scott… and I was just over to your site and notice the post for Assignment 7: creative exposure. I seem to learn and unlearn the various settings F stops and ISO all the time – I’m a doing kind of person… straight into doing and then read the instructions once I can’t figure something out or I get stuck. Often this is the long way round. I have now been taking photos for many years by learning each camera and the settings that work to get what I want… but I don’t really understand the science of it all. I am sure I must not be alone. I admire what you do Scott in breaking this learning down into assignments.

  5. Terrill – I’m glad you liked the eagle information. The photo you got is darn cool with the moon right there!

    The photo of me teaching is one of the very few where my hands are flying a mile a minute.

    Thank you for pointing to the energy medicine “class” – I appreciate it.

  6. I was so engrossed in reading the words that I missed–yet again–the photo of the eagle flying over the moon. Had to back up afterward and view it. It’s FANTASTIC!! Utterly fantastic. Two of my most sacred images, together.

    The eagle, to me, represents larger awareness. To see wide and expanded. In the native way it’s often in the Eastern Direction.

    Creativity finding something new in the familiar: (this is taking a few minutes to think…) Ah yes! A couple of days ago I recently found the ISO settings on my point ‘n shoot camera. After sooo long! so I have been now over-exposing and under-exposing my photographs like crazy, playing with the light. My photos basically look like beginner photos now. But it’s been fun to find something unfamiliar in the familiar little camera!

    • That is funny Kathy… I can just imagine you burning through the words and then putting the breaks on and backing up – cartoon style:)

      I am still learning these things as well Kathy. As I was telling Scott, I learn best by fumbling around and then when I get stuck I sit down and read about how to solve the problem – try it out and then go off contentedly until the next problem comes along. Great sprout and good luck with learning light settings.

  7. whoa great photograph of eagle terrill..
    what a nice coincidence of capturing..
    btw terrill, i want u to review and critize my photograph on the latest post on Lemonzest blog 🙂

    • Wulan my reviews and criticisms are always about building on what is working and where requested, a suggestion for a direction to move forward. When I read your blog post UrbanJazz Crossover 2010 and looked at your outstanding images… I knew I wanted to steer you in the direction of a technical expert for lighting and equipment – and this is NOT me! So this is what I wrote for you that may be of interest to other readers as well:

      Wulan you have a great eye for composition and capturing the emotion of a particular moment. Your photographs are high style and engaging. These blog photos do an excellent job of taking the viewer to the concert with you. I was there with you!

      The specific challenges of indoor concert lighting with moving subjects are the domain of those with vast amounts of equipment expertise. If you are wanting to strengthen your technical skills and push the limits of your equipment to take your photography to the next level, I suggest checking out Scott Thomas’ blog where he has great tutorials and assignments at http://stphoto.wordpress.com

      As for being short, I hear you. What I sometimes do is find things to stand on or I use my shortness to slip up to the front and take photos at an angle that others wouldn’t think of doing because of their height. Use your height as an advantage – which I am guessing you already do because of the creative strength of your images.

      Above all – keep taking photos and experimenting. As photographers, artist and creative beings we never stop learning. Your work is great and you are ready to go to the next level and bring your signature presence into full blossom. Congratulations. Terrill

  8. “A bridal shower and an eagle over the moon” – what a wonderful phrase. It would make a very interesting story starter for a writing exercise.

    Thank you to holessence for the fascinating information on eagles.

    Wow – what an inspiring lot you are.

    Terrill it is truly always a pleasure to visit your blog.

    Kat X

    • Thanks Kat, please come by any time and feel free to add to the discussion and point us in the direction of work you are doing that is appropriate to the topic. I am just loving our community space that we have on Creative Potager . Coming by to see what has been added or thinking about my next post is one of the highlights of my day. I am thrilled that you find inspiration here.

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