The Boys are Back in Town

Morning is filled with the smell of west coast summer. I go out to water the garden. Snapping twigs and munching tell me I have company – a lot of company. I carefully raise my head from the geranium pot. Then I slip back into the house for my camera.

There is a herd of seven buck deer just on the other side of the deer fence browsing in the tall salal underbrush. I managed to get four decent images of these fellows well embedded in their natural environment. I have to whistle to get them to look at the camera.

Lucky for us they are curious animals and can’t help but wonder where that pathetic-excuse-for-a-whistle is coming from.

Our cool and lush spring leaves these fat and sassy devils more handsome this year than usual.

And for those of you who have never heard Thin Lizzy’s “The boys are back in town” from 1976, here you go….

Sprout Question: What caption would you give each photograph to tell a story as the deer?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

20 thoughts on “The Boys are Back in Town

  1. Terrill – These shots are GREAT!

    Sprout Question: What caption would you give each photograph to tell a story as the deer?

    1 – This is by far the best salad bar on the island!

    2 – That’s right gorgeous; it takes one to know one. Hubba, hubba.

    3 – Gosh you’ve got small ears. And you call that a nose? How can you smell with that little thing?!

    4 – If I can’t see her, maybe — just maybe — she can’t see me either …

    • Wonderful captions Laurie… I hope the first one is referring to what is on the outside of the deer fence.

      My colleague and friend Monica, who has Mayne Island dot com, also liked these shots and posted one on the home page of her website. Monica pretty much has a little of everything on her site about what is happening on Mayne Island. It is worth a visit every now and again just to see what is happening.

  2. What a joy to capture some nature in action. Last night we had four racoons cleaning up under a bird feeder. It was so dark I had trouble getting auto focus to work… but got a few shots anyway.

    1. Don’t whistle at me… can’t you see I’m busy!

    2. What’s your problem?

    3. How long are you going to carry on like this?

    4. So long, sweetheart. See you later.

    • Sherwin it is always disappointing to me when I am not able to get these kinds of shots. But almost on the other side of Canada Kathy Drue had some luck with a roadside spotting of Raccoon Babies. It is not the same as getting your own scoop… still it is pretty fun to poke into the grass with her and see their bright little faces. I encourage everyone to go take a look.

      Sherwin thanks for the captions… they feel about right:)

    • Shirley the flowers survived – for now. The deer were on the outside of the fence. We did have one crawl in about three weeks ago… but we chased it out before it got into the garden.

  3. Terrill – I’m checkin’ in to see if you still have a full head of steam. You’re in an excitement-filled, whirling dervish schedule right now and I’m just makin’ sure you still have plenty of wind for your whirl!

    • Yes all is good Laurie. My daughter, her friends and I got the last of the “tasks” done during the last few days and now we are down to implementation. I am back on Mayne Island for a bit of time with David who has done an amazing job keeping the garden watered and the home fires burning. I am here today and leave on 7:20 am ferry tomorrow with arrows to paint on signs I made; Balloons to put up to help people find their way on a large campus; and, Family and friends to greet as they start arriving. At five is rehearsal. Then a bbq. Then a girls night. With some sleep in between I will meet the property person at 8:00am to assist with directing the setting up of the archway and chairs for the ceremony at 2:00 in the afternoon. I will whip back to the housing and get my sister and small group to layout the cheese plates and snacks to be ready for serving 3:30. Then it will be shower and dressing for me before I join my daughter in the brides chamber while she is getting ready.

      There are 125 adults and about 15 children. We are going to have a grand time. My speech is written and I will use the ferry time to practice. All is good, I tell you Laurie, all is good. And thank you for checking in… good to know you are there.

      And thank you to all Creative Potager sprouters for keeping up your sprouts during my absence. Means a lot to me.

  4. Terrill – I just went to Monica’s Mayne Island site, it’s great (! I saw your photo posted front and center — whoohoo!

    Your healthcare center looks to be about the size of HolEssence (maybe a wee bit larger).

    I’ve bookmarked the site and intend to visit it often — thank you for letting us know about it.

    • Great Laurie, I saw Monica downtown Mayne Island this morning and let her know that you had been checking out her site. Our healthcare center is smallish but seems to fit the bill at the moment.

  5. I’m exhausted just READING what you’ve got ahead of you — boy howdy, you’ve got one heck of a schedule. But you’re up to the task — no doubt about it. I can hear the fire in your cracker!

    Nonetheless, effective immediately I shall start send you BLUE/GREEN energy. I’m going to “wrap you up” just like in this painting (one of my all-time favorites, by Francine Hart) called “Tornado Dancing.

  6. Only one really for the first one was struck with the image that deer have trees on their heads, the antlers are tree like and are of the deer and forest!

    • Thanks Chris for your observation. There is often these repeating themes of shape and design in nature. I like of it creates ripples of recognitions for us even if we are unable to recognize “the why of it” at first.

    • Barbara, did Laurie point you over here? If so many thanks Laurie for the mention. This was a particularly favourite deer photo shoot because I was able to get them in good light while in their natural environment. Mayne Island has a lot of deer so many times we have them on the roadside or sleeping on the lawns of unfenced yards.

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