Catching Fall

Even though it is a holiday Monday here in Canada and in the U.S.A., I am ready to resume my Monday to Friday posting schedule with more frequent and shorter posts. Today it is raining. The soft soaking kind of calm that leaves us reaching for our book and putting on a pot of homemade soup. Yesterday, the sun was out but the shade cool as we saw the beginning of the leaves falling.

Warm browns traced the edges of summer.

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This week I will post images about catching fall as it sashays through on every breeze.

Sprout Question: Where is your focus right now?

P.S. The opening of Sea, Land and Time was a wonderful success with two large prints and one medium print selling along with cards and calendars. Plus, I had an offer to have my cards and calendars in a local décor store and possibly photograph prints as well. We shall see. Of course, two oil paintings had sold as part of the presales for the show. The best part is that we all had a great time. Family, friends and colleagues came from away. New friends, colleagues and acquaintances from Mayne Island came by and several helped with the opening. It was fabulous! Wish you could have been there.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

15 thoughts on “Catching Fall

    • Kim, I always find it an interesting dance to learn how I am perceived by others and finding how to strengthen these perceptions in the direction I want them to go and still be me. I’ve learned that it takes time for people to get to know me. They need to be willing to pause and be still with me. But once they do, I have a friend or colleague for life. This was so evident at my opening where friends from up to 20 years ago traveled to come to the art opening. Some people I hadn’t seen in seven years. I’ve learned that if I am open and honest with myself, it is easier for others to accurately read who I am. Good luck Kim on your personal adventure…. they are the best kind:)

  1. Terrill – I love what you said about fall, “… as it sashays through on every breeze.”

    I’m delighted for you at the success of your exhibit, with oh-so-many more possibilities sprouting from the contacts you made there. And I’m glad that you’re resuming your Monday through Friday posting schedule — whoohoo!

    Sprout Question: Where is your focus right now?

    With a literary agent who has sold books to my dream publisher (Hay House), and who on September 3rd requested a book proposal and the first four chapters of my manuscript.

    • Oh YES!!!!! Laurie that is great news! Go get’m tiger!

      Dear readers, I am hoping that I can manage the Monday – Friday schedule this fall. I do have a back up plan for a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but I am going to see if I can do the Monday to Friday first.

  2. The earth welcomes a little rain. It has been a long dry summer here. It is time again to light a little fire to take the chill off. Our kids and grand kids left on the late morning ferry… so the house is pretty quiet again.

    We all enjoyed your Sea, Land and Time exhibit. Compliments to your creativity and talent. Our best of show vote would be the Barn… lovely feeling. And I like the photo next to it I think was called Misty. I also really like the sunset at Dinner Bay photo.

    My focus now since the rain stops me from working outside is to sort thru photos and make up some more albums that I can post to my iphone. It was a lot of fun to revisit Carrot Mountain, both in the hiking and then in going thru old photos for my last blog post. I have so many great memories of the time I have spent on that mountain.

    • Sherwin you are so right about the rain… you can almost feel the island sigh in relief for the rain. Glad you enjoyed the show. I think the painting you are referring to is “Cabin on Shore” – a big brush loose piece.

      I was just over to your post about “Carrot Mountain Memories” I particularly enjoyed your dual work of developing the subdivision and on developing the trail. There is a curious kind of reflection for me in your obvious integrity for both projects. All the best with photo sorting Sherwin.

  3. Terrill,

    Yes fall seems to be sashaying through the breeze here as well! Beautiful photographs capture her dance!

    Congratulations on the success of your opening and show. Looks like you have created some wonderful abundance for yourself! Beautifully done!

    My focus right now is beginning my Reiki practice, being more creative and imaginative with the work!
    I am Love, Jeff

    • Thanks Jeff. So if I am getting your focus right, you are about to launch a Reiki Private Practice. Is this going to be where you are now or a near-by city? Do you have your office space yet? And if those are too many questions… ignore me. I am just excited for you:)

  4. Terrill,

    Yes, I will be in discussion with a man I work for a few year ago who run a 12 step center, about a space/office to offer Rieki as well as some group work.
    This is something I have had intentions about since leaving the Mt, yet the photography as well as my lack of self esteem stood in my way.
    I am excited, and oh so ready for this to expand my presence.

    Thank you!
    I am Love, Jef

  5. No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
    as I have seen in one autumnal face.
    -John Donne

    For me it’s the most colorful season, a time of temperate weather, and of the rekindling of the creative juices after the heat-induced lethargy of the summer. I am surprised that the leaves have begun to fall in the Pacific northwest, as we usually can’t expect the same here until near the end of the month.

    It’s wonderful that your posting will become more regular now and a great big congrats on the huge success of SEA, LAND AND TIME.

    As far as my focus? Ah, where else? The new school year, the student lists and introductions, and a renewed purpose. Ha!

    • Thanks Sam… Our leaves are falling from drought as much as they are from fall. We do not get bright colours here like there is in places with frost. Our leaves turn a bit yellow and mostly brown and gradually fall off between now and the end of October. I miss the interior of B.C. in the fall because of the brilliance of the transition from summer, fall and then winter in over a period of about six weeks. Good luck with the new school year:)

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  7. Glad to hear about the success of you show…how wonderful! One thing that strikes me is how disciplined you are. You say you are only going to blog Tues & Thurs in the summer and you do. Now you say you are going to blog weekdays and I suspect you will. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. When I say I’m not going to post every day….the creativity or joy rises…and it’s impossible not to share!

    • Well Kathy, I think it only appears consistent because I do what I say I am going to do most of the time. For example, I didn’t do a Tuesday post last week. I got to 10 pm on the night before I was catching a 7:00 am ferry and made a decision – there needed to be a Saturday post so there was going to be no Tuesday post. I worried but it was fine. None of you complained… “that Creative Potager! what does she think she is doing. A Saturday post and no Tuesday Post. Huuuurrrmmmphhh!” I could just see you all with your arms crossed and frowning at me:)

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